Tidal Music Converter

Losslessly convert and download Tidal music, playlists, albums to FLAC, MP3, etc. on computer for offline listening.
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Now I know!

Fabulous piece of software. Updates are very fast when needed. Adding to my lossless library! My only requests are year and genre tags!

work once and never again

After purchasing I use once, and them impossible to use again. I download the new version and the same its work once.
When I contact the support the only reply that I have is :

Sorry, we are fixing this issue.
We will update the version if the issue is resolved.

Waiting for the new version…

Very slow on Mac

Usability of the app is fine, but the download/converting speed on a Macbopok Pro (M1) makes it unusable. I read only after purchase in the user guide “1x speed on mac” .
What a waste of money!

1x is also fast, just the same as the speed you use in Spotify.

It is not able to get master 24bit 96khz without Tidal app

As far as I know some songs from Tidal it does not require dac, so tidal app plays 24bit 96khz songs mqa unfolded. The last version 1.7 it was able to get tidal master 24/96khz unfolded. This tool is very beautiful interface only. I am disappointed.

Hi Douglas, please update to the latest version 2.4.1 to have a try.