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How to Get Spotify on Agptek 8GB MP3 Player

By Elle Johnson

Updated on July 20, 2022

You have a massive collection of Spotify music and probably wondering how to move them to your Agptek MP3 players. Well, you can’t directly get Spotify on Agptek MP3 player for offline listening due to a few restrictions.  Otherwise, this media player is currently the talk of the town and every music lover wants to be associated with it. It is pretty lightweight and slim, fitting into any pocket.  The sound quality is as well fantastic, with an FM radio built-in for prompt updates on what’s on the airwaves. You wouldn’t worry even if you step out for a whole day due to its amazing battery life. It can last up to 70 hours when fully charged and will save your files of up to 8GB capacity.

This is great news to Spotify users who wish to stream music on the Agptek MP3 player while on a Sporting spree.  You can stream downloaded podcasts, albums, playlists, and many more files. But since Spotify has restrictions to play on several MP3 players, you need a tool to first convert the files to common output formats. Check below how to get Spotify on Agptek 8GB MP3 player.

spotify on agptek mp3 player

Part 1. How to Get Spotify on Agptek 8GB MP3 Player: Required Tool

Spotify is such a rich music streaming service, with over 60 million tracks. The only drawback is that it restricts its files to the Spotify app or browser. You can’t, therefore, directly play any track on MP3 players like Agptek. But the availability of third-party apps like AudKit makes it a walk in the park. AudKit SpotiLab Music Converter lets you get the Premium features without upgrading to the Premium version. With this, you can listen to your music offline without disturbance from ads and even get unlimited skips to your favorite collection.

When it comes to converting your files, AudKit enables you to get files in common output formats like AAC, WAV, M4A, etc. The output quality is also 100% original as the default file as it keeps the ID3 tags and other information like genre, title, and album, among others. You are also at liberty to set the sound settings of the tracks by editing parameters such as sample rate, bitrate, and codec, among others.

audkit spotify music converter

Main Features of AudKit Spotify Music Converter

  • Spotify to MP3 and other popular audio formats
  • Download Spotify songs to lossless quality output
  • Preserve Spotify ID3 tags for reference or edit
  • 5X faster speed that allows batch conversion of files

Part 2. How to Play Spotify on Agptek 8GB MP3 Player: Detailed Steps

You need to first, download and install the app on your computer if you don’t already have it. Just click the Free Download tab for the free version. This, however, has limited features. You can opt for an advanced features experience by hitting the Buy Now option to purchase this app.

Step 1 Add Spotify playlists

add spotify music for agptek mp3 player

With Audkit Spotify Music Converter installed on your computer, open it and notice the Spotify app also opening immediately. Then, select and start to add a Spotify playlist to the AudKit interface. You can choose to drag and drop the files to the interface or copy the playlist URL and paste it to AudKit’s search bar. 

Step 2 Customize the output settings for Agptek

set spotify options for agptek mp3 player

You can set your playlist’s output settings to your preferences. Go to the Menu tab and select the Preferences option then select your desired option choices. Among the parameters, you can set are, output format, bitrate, sample rate, codec, and channel.

Step 3 Download and convert Spotify songs for Agptek

download spotify songs to agptek mp3 player

You are now a step away from converting your Spotify playlist. Confirm your selections and then hit the Convert tab. Your Spotify playlist will be converted to a common output format that you opted for earlier. Locate the converted files in the Converted folder of your local computer disk. You are now free to move Spotify to Agptek MP3 player.

Step 4 How to Add Spotify to Agptek 8GB MP3 Player

AudKit Spotify Music Converter just decrypted the OGG Vorbis files and converted them to common playable formats. Follow these steps to easily add Spotify to Agptek 8GB MP3 player.

  • Use a USB cable to connect the Agptek 8GB MP3 player to your computer.
  • Wait for the computer to recognize the MP3 player. You can then find it in the “Devices with Removable Storage” panel. Also, open the “Storage Media” folder of the MP3 player.
  • Lastly, open the local folder and locate the “Converted” Spotify playlist. Then, copy and paste them to the “Agptek MP3” Spotify music folder location. Disconnect the MP3 player from your computer and start to enjoy your Spotify music offline.

Part 3. Bottom Line

You no longer have to scratch your head when it comes to playing music from Spotify on Agptek 8GB MP3 player. The best tool – AudKit Spotify Music Converter – works in as simple as 1-2-3 steps to convert Spotify files to common output formats like MP3. Enjoy all your fav-hits on the MP3 player while on the move!

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