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Spotify BIN: Unlock Spotify Premium for Free

By Andrew Rowley

Updated on July 4, 2024

In the world of digital music streaming, Spotify has established itself as a frontrunner, offering a vast library of songs, podcasts, and playlists to millions of users worldwide. While the platform’s free version comes with limitations, many music enthusiasts seek ways to access Spotify Premium for free. This is where Spotify BIN comes into play.

In this article, we will explore what Spotify BIN is, provide 100% working BINs for Spotify Premium, explain how to use a BIN to get Spotify Premium for free, and discuss a better alternative for accessing free Spotify Premium without breaking any rules.

use spotify bin

Part 1. What Is Spotify BIN

Spotify BIN refers to Bank Identification Number, which is a unique set of numbers that identifies the bank that issued a credit or debit card. In the context of Spotify, a BIN can be used to generate valid credit card numbers that can be used to access Spotify Premium without actually paying for a subscription.

Users can use a BIN to create virtual credit card numbers that mimic real credit cards. These generated numbers can be used during the Spotify subscription process to unlock Premium features without any actual payment being made. By inputting the generated credit card details, the system recognizes them as valid payment information and grants access to Spotify Premium benefits.

Part 2. 100% Working BIN for Spotify Premium 2024

Finding a working BIN for Spotify Premium in 2024 can be a game-changer for music enthusiasts looking to enjoy ad-free listening and other premium features offered by Spotify. By using a valid BIN as listed below, users can create virtual credit card numbers that trick the system into granting them access to Spotify Premium for free.


Part 3. How to Use BIN Spotify to Get Spotify Premium Free

The use of BIN has become a popular method for obtaining free or discounted subscription services, including Spotify Premium. By following a few detailed steps, users can leverage this technique to enjoy the benefits of a premium Spotify account without having to pay for it. Below, we’ll outline the process in a clear and comprehensive manner.

1. Generate a Working Spotify BIN

Look for a reliable BIN (Bank Identification Number) that works for Spotify in Part 2. You can also find these on various websites or forums dedicated to sharing BINs for different services.

2. Generate a Live Credit Card

Step 1. Once you have working Spotify BINs, the next step is to generate a live credit card using the BIN.

Step 2. Open a web browser and go to the namso-gen.com website.

generate a live credit card

Step 3. There, find the option to enter Spotify’s BIN (Bank Identification Number). Then enter that BIN into the corresponding field on the website.

Step 4. After entering the BIN, click the “Generate” or “Generate Cards” button.

3. Check Card Status

Step 1. Go to a reputable CC Checker website.

check card status

Step 2. Copy the credit card number that you want to check for validity.

Step 3. Paste the credit card number into the designated field on the CC Checker website.

Step 4. Fill in any additional required information such as CVV and expiration date if prompted.

Step 5. Click on the “Check” or “Validate” button to proceed with the verification process.

4. Connect to a VPN

To enhance the chances of success when using the generated credit card, it’s advisable to connect to a reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN helps mask your actual location and can be useful for bypassing regional restrictions or other limitations that may affect the card verification process.

5. Get Free Spotify Premium Account

Step 1. Visit the Spotify website or use the app, and sign up for a new account.

Step 2. During the payment process, enter the credit card details you generated using the BIN.

Step 3. If successful, your account should be upgraded to Spotify Premium for free.

Part 4. Better Way to Get Spotify Premium for Free

While using a BIN for Spotify can provide temporary access to Premium features, it may lead to consequences like account suspension or banning. A more sustainable way to enjoy Spotify Premium for free is by using tools like AudKit Spotify Music Converter. This software allows users to download and convert Spotify music without a premium account, offering a legal and long-term solution to enjoying premium features.

The software also enables the removal of ads from Spotify songs and provides the option to adjust output settings such as bit rate, sample rate, and channel. Additionally, it allows batch conversion of Spotify music at 5X speed and maintains lossless quality and ID3 tags from the tracks.

audkit spotify music converter

Main Features of AudKit Spotify Music Converter

  • Batch convert Spotify to MP3, AAC, etc. at 5X speed
  • Download Spotify playlists locally for offline listening
  • Stay 100% audio quality and ID3 tags in output files
  • Download Spotify songs, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.

Step 1. Download the AudKit Spotify Music Converter on your PC or Mac. The trial version is free to use. Open the AudKit software and the Spotify app will launch as well. Drag and drop any song from the Spotify app to the AudKit program, or copy and paste the song’s link into the search box of the AudKit Spotify Music Converter, then hit the “Add” button.

input spotify songs to audkit spotilab

Step 2. Go to the “Menu“taband click the “Preferences” > “Convert” icon to choose the output format (e.g., MP3). Then you can adjust the channel, sample rate(48000HZ), and bit rate(320kbps) if needed, and select the output folder.

change output formats for spotify songs

Step 3. Click the “Convert” button to start the download and conversion process of the Spotify songs at a 5X speed. The high-quality 320kbps Spotify songs will be saved to your local computer without ads, and you can listen to Spotify offline without Premium indefinitely.

download spotify songs without premium

Part 5. FAQs of Spotify BIN

Q1: Is using a BIN for Spotify legal?

A: No, using a BIN to obtain services without proper payment is illegal and violates the terms of service of most platforms.

Q2: Can I get banned from Spotify for using a BIN?

A: Yes, using illegitimate methods such as BINs can result in an account ban and legal consequences.

Q3: Are there legal ways to enjoy Spotify Premium for free?

A: Yes, there are legitimate methods such as AudKit Spotify Music Converter, promotional offers, free trials, and student discounts that allow users to access Spotify Premium without breaking any rules.


Spotify BIN offers users a way to enjoy the premium features of Spotify without having to pay for a subscription. While it can be a convenient short-term solution, it’s essential to proceed with caution and understand the potential risks involved in using BINs. For a more sustainable and legal way to enjoy Spotify Premium for free, tools like AudKit Spotify Music Converter provide an excellent alternative. Whether you choose to explore BINs or opt for software solutions, remember to prioritize your online safety and enjoy the music streaming experience that suits your preferences best.

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