How to Burn CD from Spotify [Latest Guide]

By Elle Johnson

Updated on November 25, 2020

Q: “Can I burn a CD from Spotify?” Although streaming music is the leading role in this digital era, it is still a great idea to burn Spotify playlist to CD for music collection. But most streaming music sites input the special protection technology to the music resources. So that users can only listen to their playlists on the authorized devices or players.

Spotify is no exception. Even Spotify Premium users are only eligible to play Spotify music offline within the Spotify app. It is impossible to burn Spotify to CD directly without any additional tool.

So, what tools are in necessary need? Don’ t worry, in this article, you can get a complete tool list and a detailed tutorial on how to burn a CD from Spotify. Please view the contents carefully and follow what to do.

burn cd from spotify

Part 1. Burn CD from Spotify: What You Need

  1. A CD burner or a DVD burner.
  2. A blank CD.
  3. A Windows computer or a Mac.
  4. A Spotify Free or Premium account.
  5. The AudKit Spotify Music Converter.

Here you may wonder why you need AudKit Spotify Music Converter. The reason is simple: Spotify songs all saved in protected Ogg Vorbis formats, which can’t be downloaded as offline files. What Spotify Premium user downloads are cache music files. They are not visible and playable on the local computer.

This smart tool is designed to convert Spotify Ogg Vorbis to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4A, WAV, FLAC, and such common audio formats. Besides, the converted Spotify tracks are downloaded as unprotected offline files, saving in your local device. In other words, these converted Spotify audios are free to use and transfer, no matter what device or player that you are using.

audkit spotify music converter

Main Features of AudKit Spotify Music Converter

  • Download Spotify music as local audios for offline playing
  • Convert Spotify tracks to popular audio formats at 5X speed
  • Keep lossless quality and ID3 tags from original Spotify songs
  • Available to move Spotify music to other devices and players

Built-in the latest numeral recognition technology, AudKit is able to identify and keep 100% complete Spotify metadata, such as artists, titles, albums, album arts, track numbers, and so forth. Moreover, AudKit’s lossless converting skills let the converted Spotify songs preserve 100% sound quality from the original tracks. In this way, you are able to get Spotify offline files and convert Spotify to CD with a few simple steps.

Part 2. How to Convert Spotify to CD: Detailed Tutorial

AudKit Spotify Music Converter provides 1-min free trial for each Spotify song. To convert a complete Spotify song, please upgrade to the full version. The full version of AudKit is for lifetime use after once purchase. Now let’s check the detailed instructions.

Step 1 Load music from Spotify to AudKit

add music to spotify

Download and open the AudKit converter on the computer. Later, the Spotify desktop app will also open. Browse what you want from Spotify. Select the song or playlist then drag and drop it to the main interface of AudKit. Or choose to copy and paste the link of the song or playlist to the search bar in AudKit.

Step 2 Edit the output parameters of Spotify CD files

reset output format for burning cd

On the AudKit’s main page, open ‘Preferences’ > ‘Convert’ from the top right side. In the new settings page, you can reset the output settings to MP3, 320 kbps, and 48000 Hz, which keep the best output quality of Spotify songs.

Step 3 Download Spotify Playlist onto CDs

strat conversion for burning cd

Hit the ‘Convert’ from the button right place on the main page. The conversion process will start and end automatically. Then please follow the on-screen instructions to open the local ‘Converted’ folder and check the downloaded Spotify files.

Part 3. Burn Converted Spotify Music to CD: 3 Ways

Here is a tip that you need to know about CD burner: Most computers have a built-in DVD burner for burning CDs and DVDs. If your computer doesn’t have it, please buy an external DVD burner and connect it to your computer.

Method 1: Burn Spotify to CD via iTunes

burn spotify to cd via itunes

Step 1. Launch the iTunes app.

Step 2. Find and open ‘File > New > Playlist’ and create a new playlist.

Step 3. Insert the blank CD into the disc drive of the computer.

Step 4. Tap the ‘File’ > ‘Burn Playlist to Disc’> choose ‘Audio CD’ from the list.

Step 5. Click the ‘Burn’ to start burning CDs.

Method 2: Transfer Spotify to CD via Windows Media Player

burn itunes to cd via wmp

Step 1. Turn on the Windows Media Player.

Step 2. Insert the blank CD into the disc drive.

Step 3. Click the ‘Burn’ from the right side.

Step 4. Copy and paste the converted Spotify files into the list.

Step 5. Open the menu from the Burn panel.

Step 6. Tap the ‘Start Burn’.

Method 3: Copy Spotify to CD via VLC Player

burn itunes to cd via vlc

Step 1. Open the VLC player and create a playlist for Spotify music.

Step 2. Drag and drop the local Spotify music onto the Playlist dock.

Step 3. Press the ‘Media’ menu > ‘Convert/Save’.

Step 4. Find the ‘Disc’ button and insert a blank CD into the disc drive.

Step 5. Select ‘Audio CD and Browse’ > choose the inserted CD > click the ‘Convert/Save’.

Step 6. Locate the burning location by hitting the ‘Browse’. Click the ‘Convert/Save’ bar.

Video Tutorial

This detailed video tutorial will show you how to burn a CD from Spotify in detail. Download and install the Spotify desktop app and AudKit Spotify Music Converter on your computer as preparation. Then follow the video to burn CDs from Spotify for listening with a sound system, CD player, etc.

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