How to Download Spotify Songs to Computer Free 2021

By Elle Johnson

Updated on May 28, 2021

Q: “How to download Spotify songs to computer locally for offline listening? I want to make remixes from some of my favorite Spotify songs. So, I subscribe to Spotify Premium to get Spotify music downloads. But the fact is that I can’t find them on my local computer. I am 100% sure that I have downloaded them from Spotify computer app. Did I do something wrong?” – Anonymous User

You didn’t make anything wrong. This result is caused by the rules of streaming music. I will explain it in detail in the following first section. If you are familiar with that kind of rule, you can skip to section 2 directly. We will introduce a way on how to download music from Spotify to computer to meet your needs in Part 2.

how to download music from spotify to computer

Part 1. Download Spotify Music to Computer – Best Tool Required

Can you download Spotify songs as local files? If not, what should you do? What’s more, it’s well-known that free users can’t even download Spotify music to computer directly. Thus, is there a workable workaround to download music from Spotify to computer for free? It can meet the needs of all users, including free and premium subscribers.

Technically speaking, as long as you unlock the protection and get format conversion, everything is feasible. It is easy to disrupt the protective layer from Spotify songs and convert Spotify format. What you need is a powerful and careful Spotify music downloader and converter. The AudKit Spotify Music Downloader is in that role.

This intelligent program is fully experienced in downloading and playing Spotify playlists, songs. It can convert Spotify to MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, M4B, FLAC, and various common audio formats. It can save Spotify songs to computer as local files, which are available to play without the Spotify app.

audkit spotify music downloader

Main Features of AudKit Spotify Music Downloader

  • Download Spotify songs to computer for free for offline listening
  • Batch convert Spotify songs to most-used formats
  • Save original quality and ID3 tags from Spotify songs
  • Support to play and transfer Spotify music to other apps

In the meanwhile, Spotify files are maintained the original sound quality and metadata. You can find the unbroken ID3 tags such as artists, titles, albums, artwork, song numbers, years.

This software needs to work with the Spotify desktop app. Please make sure you have installed it and the Spotify computer app at the same time. The tutorial of how to let Spotify download music to computer is put forward as follows via AudKit.

Part 2. How to Download Music from Spotify to Computer Free

Step 1 Ready to download Spotify music to computer

ready to download spotify music to computer

Download and activate the AudKit Spotify Music Downloader on the computer. The Spotify desktop app will pop out or relaunch automatically. Select the playlist you want to download. Then directly drag and drop it to AudKit’s interface. Or you can copy and paste the link of the playlists to the search column on AudKit’s interface. And hit the ‘plus’ icon.

Tip: Due to Spotify’s API limitation, please make sure each Spotify playlist contains no more than 100 tracks.

Step 2 Reset Spotify output settings for download

change output settings for spotify music downloads

Click the top menu icon to unfold the ‘Preferences’ and ‘Convert’ tab. Change the Spotify output format to MP3 or whatever you like. And you can also customize other parameters in similar ways. To keep the high quality of Spotify songs, please choose MP3, 320 kbps, 48000 Hz, and channel 2 as the output settings. AudKit Spotify Downloader will download music to computer from Spotify based on your settings.

Step 3 Download Spotify playlist to computer

download spotify music to computer free

Now tap the ‘Convert’ bar to start truly converting and downloading Spotify playlists. Once the process finishes, you can easily get them. Please follow the on-screen red tips to access the local Spotify music folder.

Note: The AudKit Spotify Music Downloader for Mac and Windows offers 2 versions for use. The unregistered free version provides a 1-min conversion for each Spotify song. The registered paid version allows users to batch convert Spotify songs without upper limits.

Video Demo How to Download Spotify Music to Computer

Part 3. How to download Spotify Songs to Computer via Official Way

In this section, we will show the complete guide on how to download music to computer for Spotify. In case you are a newbie of Spotify service and don’t know how to do that, you can find the answer.

It’s worth mentioning that this method can download Spotify songs to computer as cache files. You can listen to Spotify on a computer offline without limits. But it’s impossible to transfer them to other devices for other intention via these steps.

download spotify songs to computer

Step 1. You can’t use the Spotify Web Player to save Spotify songs to computer. Please download the Spotify desktop client in advance.

Step 2. Fire up the Spotify app and log in to your Spotify Premium account details. Find the playlist or album that you like to download. Note: It doesn’t allow you to download individual songs. If you need to download some singles, please create a new playlist or go back to use the way in Part 1.

Step 3. Press the ‘Download’ button nearby the playlist you select. The downloading process will start. After that, all songs are available for offline playback on your computer.

That’s all to download music from Spotify to computer no matter using a free or premium account. If you have any questions on this topic, please leave them in the comment area. We will provide a possible solution with you to fix them soon.

Part 4. Why You Can’t Download Spotify Songs to Computer

There are two tiers provided by Spotify for users to explore over 70 million tracks. Spotify Premium users have the privilege of the ‘Offline Mode’ feature. (In other words, as a free user, you can’t download Spotify songs to your computer.)

Only if you have a device that supports the Spotify app, you can listen to Spotify on it without a problem. Mac and Windows computers are on the compatible list, but why you can’t get local Spotify music?

Let’s come straight to the point. The reason why you can’t locate Spotify song downloads on the computer is simple. The Spotify songs are never truly downloaded. All Spotify Music songs are protected and encoded in special Ogg Vorbis formats. It prevents users from truly downloading songs from Spotify to computer.

Spotify Premium users are no exception. All offline Spotify files are cache files, which are committed to entering them faster next time. Besides, that is why the downloaded tracks are visible and playable in the Spotify app only.

That’s to say, if you only want to download Spotify songs on computer for offline playback, a Premium membership can help you out. Yet, if you’d like to download songs to computer from Spotify for other purposes, like remixing them, it’s necessary to find another solution.

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riley ON

make it for chromebook

John walters ON

From what I can understand from the above, a digital transfer from my Spotify plus playlist to my PC or a CD is impossible.

Can one not however achieve this by simply plugging in a CD/DVD unit to the USB (or headphone jack?) on my pc and record in real time?

Many thanks,


Dakota Jones ON

It is possible with using AudKit, which helps convert and save your playlists from Spotify onto the PC or a CD. And yes you can simply record the song in real-time. But AudKit’s converting speed is 5X faster than the real-time recording. And the output bitrates can improve to 320 kbps, which makes the sound quality better.

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