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How to Put your Spotify Music on SoundCloud – Online & Offline

By Elle Johnson

Updated on August 18, 2023

Do you know how to convert Spotify playlists to SoundCloud? In this tutorial, you will learn about 2 simple ways to convert Spotify playlists to SoundCloud. One for offline use and one for online use.

Started in Germany from 2007, SoundCloud has become one of the biggest music distribution sites and audio sharing platforms, owning more than 175 million monthly users all over the world. As one of the biggest competitors of SoundCloud, Spotify owns over 285 million monthly active users, providing online music, podcasts, and radio services to people who come from over 90 countries.

Here, we are not going into a discussion of why many people want to move playlists from Spotify to SoundCloud. We respect every choice you made and provide with you 2 simple methods to transfer playlist from Spotify to SoundCloud if you are looking for it.

spotify to soundcloud

Part 1. Convert Spotify Playlists to SoundCloud: Offline Tool [100% Workable]

Transfer Playlists from Spotify to SoundCloud: Required Tool

This is a 100% effective method for both Spotify Free users and Spotify Premium users. For starters, you need to download an additional app called AudKit Spotify Music Converter.

This third-party tool is legal and proficient in converting Spotify music to MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, M4B, and several common audio file formats. The converted Spotify songs are saved on the local computer, which is addable and playable in any other apps, music players, portable devices, and so forth. That is to say, you can transfer all your playlists from Spotify to SoundCloud after the conversion within the AudKit software.

audkit spotify music converter

Main Features of AudKit Spotify Music Converter

  • Download Spotify playlists for offline playback
  • Convert Spotify songs to multiple popular audio formats
  • Keep 100% audio quality and ID3 tags from Spotify songs
  • Transfer Spotify music to SoundCloud and others

What makes this converter most outstanding is the output speed and sound quality. Through testing in many times, the average running speed could up to 5X faster during the conversion. That means a 3-min Spotify song only takes 30-sec conversion. As for the sound quality, the converted tracks sound almost the same as the original songs, the negligible difference can’t be heard from the playback on most devices.

Move Playlists from Spotify to SoundCloud: Step by Step

After downloading and installing AudKit Spotify Music Converter on the computer, every user can get a free trial to use AudKit app. The trial version allows each user to convert the first 1 min of each Spotify song. You can register for the full version from AudKit’s official store if you are satisfied with this tool. Now let’s check the full tutorials on how to transfer Spotify playlists to SoundCloud.

Step 1 Load Spotify playlists to AudKit one by one

add spotify music to audkit for soundcloud

Open and launch the AudKit app from the desktop. The Spotify desktop app will be automatically activated at the same time. Enter into your Spotify library and open your own playlists. Copy and paste the URL of the playlists to the blank bar in AudKit’s interface. Then click the plus button to start loading. Please make sure that each playlist contains no more than 100 tracks since the limits of Spotify’s API. But there are no upper limits of the numbers of loading playlists. You can add all your playlists to AudKit one by one.

Step 2 Change output settings to suit for SoundCloud

reset output format for soundcloud

On AudKit’s interface, unfold the top menu icon and choose ‘Preferences’ then ‘Convert’. The settings page will show up for you to reset the output parameters, including formats, bit rate, sample rate, and so on. To be compatible with SoundCloud, you can set output format to MP3 or AAC format, bit rate to 320 Kbps, and sample rate to 48000 Hz.

Step 3 Download and Convert Spotify songs for SoundCloud

strat spotify conversion for soundcloud

Tap on the ‘Convert’ button to begin the converting process. Wait until the whole conversion ends, then follow the on-screen tips to navigate the local folder that saves all converted Spotify files.

Now, you can open SoundCloud and log into your SoundCloud account. Then upload the local Spotify music files to your SoundCloud Music library with simple clicks.

Part 2. Transfer Spotify Playlists to SoundCloud: 3 Online Sites [80% Workable]

This method is suitable for those who are looking for how to put your Spotify music on SoundCloud without installing an extra app. There are 3 most-used online tools for you to refer to: Soundizz, TuneMyMusic, FreeYourMusic. It is easy to use these tools, just enter their sites, and follow the on-screen instructions to start transferring.

However, you should notice the low success rate of transferring playlists from Spotify to SoundCloud, which is the most obvious drawback of these online tools. In most cases, you can’t sync 100% Spotify playlists to SoundCloud due to these 2 factors.

1. The music library of Spotify and SoundCloud is not exactly the same.

This factor makes some Spotify tracks exclusive, which are not available in SoundCloud. The online converting tools can only copy and paste the commonly existing tracks in both Spotify and SoundCloud.

2. The instability of the online converting process is much higher.

If you have a large Spotify music library, the syncing process by online converters could be very unstable. The network situation is highly demanded during the syncing process.


To get a stable and high-speed conversion from Spotify to SoundCloud, we still recommend you to try the first method, which is 100% workable for all types of Spotify tracks and fits for all types of Spotify users.

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