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Tidal vs Amazon Music HD: The Battle of HiFi Music

By Elle Johnson

Updated on February 28, 2024

If you want to listen to only high-quality music, you are likely to choose either Tidal or Amazon Music, which brings us to the debate about Amazon Music vs Tidal. Not that you can’t choose one, but it is always better to have one music streaming service, which you can use whenever you want. Since there are two options available to you, let’s find out who wins the battle. Here’s our quick review of Tidal vs Amazon Music.

amazon music hd vs tidal

Part 1. Amazon Music HD vs Tidal: Pros and Cons

Amazon Music HD: This streaming service provides you with more than a million songs to listen to at a 10X bitrate of standard-definition service. Also, the HD quality sound provided by Amazon Music HD is incomparable. Once paired with high-end speakers, such as Echo Studio, the overall experience gets enhanced.


  • More than a million high bitrate songs.
  • One of the fastest-growing music services.
  • Amazon Prime members can avail themselves of attractive deals.


  • HD music has limited discounts compared to Tidal HiFi.
  • No video or podcast content.

Tidal: Tidal is one of the first music streaming service providers and provides lossless audio. Compared to Amazon Music HD, it doesn’t offer the highest bit rates/second; Tidal HiFi’s catalog is super impressive.


  • Excellent sound quality, and there is an option for Hi-Res audio.
  • Live concerts and exclusive artist streams.
  • Discounts for first responders and military people.


  • The price for a standard HiFi subscription is high.  
  • Tidal lacks lyrics.

Part 2. Tidal vs Amazon Music HD: Price and Plans

While searching for the best price and plans provider among Amazon Music HD vs Tidal HiFi, we have analyzed that both of them have pretty impressive plans. While Prime offers discounted plans to military members, first responders, and students, Amazon Music HD provides an excellent discount to every Prime user.

PriceTidalAmazon Music
Subscription PlansHiFi: $9.99/month, HiFi Plus: $19.99/monthPrime user: $8.99/month, Non-Prime user: $10.99/month
Free Trial30-day trial period  90-day trial period (for new users)
 Student Plan$10$17.99
Military Plan$12No
First Responder Plan$12No
Family Plan$30$15.99/month

Part 3. Amazon Music HD vs Tidal HiFi: Sound Quality

Before choosing a music streaming service, everyone must pay attention to the sound quality. To talk about Amazon Music vs Tidal sound quality, it will mostly come down to your preference. If we go by real users’ feedback, some say that they like Tidal HiFi sound quality better because it is warmer; however, when it comes to Amazon Music HD, this streaming service has a better sense of space.

The thing is, Tidal HiFi uses MQA, which is a technology to stream larger file sizes efficiently. When recording sounds, such as podcasts and live concerns, you will soon realize that it is unbeatable because it sound more humanly, dynamically, and naturally. Also, Amazon’s sound quality suddenly drops when there is a network issue, but you won’t feel it with Tidal because it overcomes this challenge using MQA’ music origami’ technology.

FeaturesAmazon MusicTidal
Plan AvailableFree, Prime, Unlimited    Free, HiFi, HiFi Plus
Audio QualitySD (up to 320kbps), HD (44.1kHz), Ultra HD (up to 192 kHz)Low (Up to 16-bit, 44.1 kHz), High (Up to 24-bit, 192 kHz)
Supported FormatsAAC, FLACHiRes FLAC, MQA, FLAC, AAC
Dolby Atmos & 360 Reality Audio SupportYes (Amazon Music Unlimited)Yes (HiFi Plus)

Tidal offers higher audio quality with formats like HiRes FLAC and MQA compared to Amazon Music’s HD and Ultra HD options. Tidal’s HiFi Plus plan provides superior sound quality for audiophiles who seek the best listening experience.

Part 4. Amazon Music Unlimited vs Tidal: Music Library and Discovery

Regarding the music library and discovery, you will find Tidal HiFi to be better. While trying to analyze Amazon Music vs Tidal, we were impressed with the CD quality and high-fidelity streams and downloads. Tidal also offers “master quality recording” audio files and has limited Dolby Atoms Music track and Sony 360 Reality Audio selections. Along with this, you will also get to enjoy exclusive videos, such as live concert streams, documentaries, movies, music videos, and more.

If we have to talk about discovering new music, Amazon Music HD shows their featured content, the top stations, albums, tracks, and playlist; however, elaborate recommendations are missing. On the other hand, Tidal HiFi shows you featured content, albums, and playlists based on your recently played music files.

AspectAmazon MusicTidal
Music LibraryOver 100 million songs, podcasts, videosExtensive catalog with over 100 million songs
Discovery  Offers exclusive content, live performancesVariety of content including podcasts, videos
RecommendationsAmazon Music Recommends featurePersonalized playlists based on listening history

Part 5. Tidal vs Amazon Music Unlimited: User Interface Design

When comparing the user interface design of Tidal and Amazon Music, both platforms offer simple and functional interfaces with distinct features.

 Amazon Music

Mobile App: The mobile app is slightly more populated with buttons, and some features like Live and Videos are hidden under the Find menu, which can be confusing.

Desktop App: The desktop app lacks access to video and live stream content, which is a major design flaw compared to Tidal.

Library Management: Amazon Music offers sorting options based on title, artist, album, and duration but lacks manual search in the library.


Web and Desktop Apps: Tidal’s web and desktop apps have a sidebar for easy navigation with buttons for Home Feed, Explore, and Videos tabs.

Mobile App: The mobile app has a bottom navigation bar for quick access to Home, Explore, My Collection, and Search.

Explore Tab: Tidal’s Explore tab allows users to discover music based on genres, moods, activities, and events with curated playlists.

Library Management: Tidal allows manual filtering of tracks by title, artist, or album name and offers sorting options based on various parameters.

Part 6. Amazon Music HD vs Tidal HiFi: Availability

In terms of the availability of devices, you can use both Tidal HiFi and Amazon Music HD on the Apple TV, desktop, the web, Android devices, and iPhones.

If you are using Amazon Music HD, it is best to connect with smart speakers, such as Echo Studio. When connected with Echo Studio, you will hear better sound quality. You may also try using Amazon Music HD on Google devices, although the integration feature is limited.

Tidal HiFi can seamlessly be connected to Echo, Sonos, Nest, and Google devices. If you want to download Tidal HiFi music files and listen to them on any device that you want, your best bet is to get a Tidal music converter. You can try AudKit Tidizer Music Downloader.

tidizer music converter

Main Features of AudKit Tidizer Music Converter

  • Maintains lossless quality of Tidal HiFi and Master
  • Batch convert Tidal to MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc.
  • Download Tidal tracks at 5X lightning speed
  • Listen to Tidal music on any device offline

Part 7. Which Is Better, Tidal or Amazon Music

Amazon Music HD is a suitable option for those who have Amazon Prime membership; however, Tidal HiFi is ideal for those who are looking for optimum sound quality. You can try both of them for free for 30-days. Look into the specifications for each of them before purchasing the subscription. And if you want to download Tidal music files and listen to them whenever you want, get Audit Tidizer Music Downloader.

6 replies on “Tidal vs Amazon Music HD: The Battle of HiFi Music”

Steven D ON

I understand that Tidal is restructuring price (like imminantly) which swill make its top tier competitive with Amazon. with the price apples to apples, being able to convert Tidal’s higher quality sound and listen to it offline on any device (as your own) is going to be hard to beat!

Bill Byerly ON

I use Amazon music unlimited. I play it thru a WiiM pro plus that has a very good built in Dac. I had the Wiim pro before and noticed the difference in the WiiM pro plus hearing the first song I played. I have the WiiM hooked up to my very good Denon receiver. Amazing sound. At some point I will try the same set up using Tidal to see if there is a difference.

Christian Kallen ON

I have never had my mind blown listening to Amazon Music. Listening to Steely Dan on Tidal, mind blown.

Rein Roth ON

I notice with Amazon Unlimited that for songs recorded with Dolby Atmos the sound level on my Marantz equipment must be increased when comparing to non Dolby Atmos recorded songs. Is this normal or is Amazon sending a reduced signal? Is this the same with Tidal?

Your reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Majid ON

the atmos tracks have higher dynamic range it seems (or make use of ). i have tidal and i notice that too.

Tom ON

I have both and played both tracks on Artists back to back to try to hear the diffrence. Unfortunately my phone is limited to 16 bit but I do use 1 More Bluetooth triple drivers and I do get some nice sound. After all my testing Amazon seems to do it for me it appears to have a better sound stage then Tidal. On my Heos app I can get the full Hi Res sound on my Denon and again Amazon wins it for me on clean sound and better stage.

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