[2021] How to Download Music on Tidal and Play Offline

By Elle Johnson

Updated on November 3, 2021

It is the perfect time to look for the optimal way to connect with the Tidal soundtracks. Can you download music from Tidal for listening offline? It would be the best experience if you can access the Tidal music tracks anytime and anywhere.

In this article, you will discover the facts on how to download music from tidal to computers. Then use the effective way to access them on mobile phones.

Are you ready for an exciting trip about the best ways to play the Tidal tracks in an offline mode? You can scroll down to get some insightful ideas on the optimal use of the Tidal app.

how to download music on tidal

Part 1. How to Download Music from Tidal to Mobile Devices

You can download the Tidal music tracks to your mobile device only if you are a subscribed user. To download the playlist, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1. You must launch the Tidal app and select the album you would like to download.

Step 2. Tap the ‘Download’ button to trigger the download process.

When you unsubscribe with the Tidal app, then all the download music files vanish immediately. In the above method, the music tracks from Tidal does not store in the local drive of the mobile. It survives until the subscription period is active.

Part 2. How to Download Music from Tidal to Computer

The AudKit Tidal Music Downloader. is the perfect app that helps to download music from Tidal to FLAC, WAV, and so forth. This app assists you to access Tidal songs in offline mode after a quick download process.

It is a persuasive application and a boon for HIFI music lovers. The sound quality of downloaded Tidal HIFI songs keeps at 16-24 bit depth and 44.1-96kHz. This program performs Tidal tracks conversion effectively with 5X high speed. Users can continue adding tracks from Tidal during the conversion.

Here are some of the features of AudKit Tidizer that enhance your journey with the Tidal app.

tidizer music converter

Main Features of AudKit Tidizer Music Converter

These detailed functionalities guide you on how to download music on Tidal flawlessly. You can access the desired tracks on the Tidal platform using this incredible tool.

Step 1 Install and sign in the Tidizer

sign in tidizer for downloading tidal

Download  AudKit Tidizer Music Converter based on your system OS version. Install then launch the tool. The Tidal app discloses simultaneously along with this Tidizer program.  To access the full version of Tidizer, you must buy the subscription according to your needs. After the successful buy, you will receive a registration code and licensed email. Then sign in with these details.

Step 2 Set the output parameters

reset tidal output parameters

Next, press the ‘Preferences’ icon and assign the values for output file format, channel, bit rate, and sample rate. You can save the changes by tapping the OK button.

Step 3 Add and access to Tidal soundtracks

download music from tidal

Open a Tidal playlist or album and click the ‘add music’ icon displayed on the Tidal app screen. Next, select a part of soundtracks from the playlist or select all.  Then hit the  ‘Convert’  button to trigger the conversion process. The listed Tidal soundtracks will convert to the desired file format. 

download tidal mqa streaming

You can access the downloaded music tracks from the output file path in your local drive or tap the ‘History’ icon to play them.

The above instructions will assist you to convert and download music from Tidal. You can establish flawless access to the converted Tidal soundtracks and play them on any media player in an offline mode.

Part 3. Conclusion

Thus, you had an informative discussion on how to download Tidal music to phones and computers. AudKit Tidizer Music Converter is the right hand to download Tidal soundtracks efficiently.

This app ensures flawless file format conversion and helps you to play them on any medial player. Use this app to listen to Tidal tracks in an offline mode. It is high time to switch to the AudKit Tidizer tool when you access the music tracks in the Tidal app. Stay tuned to discover the new horizons in accessing the music files in the Tidal app optimally.

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