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How to Link Tidal to Plex? Quick Fix!

By Elle Johnson

Updated on July 12, 2023

Plex is a global and all-time media management platform that grants personal media libraries control to its users. Ideally, it allows users to organize media content files, access videos, TV shows, music, movies from distributors such as MGM, Lionsgate, Legendary. In 2018, Plex and Tidal arrived at mutual business cooperation that eventually made it possible for Tidal fans to access Tidal contents via Plex. Today, Tidal is fully integrated into Plex, and Tidal users can now access over 70 million diverse tracks, podcasts, web shows via Plex’s powerful library.

In this post, we shall attempt to understand what is Plex Tidal, feature a guideline on how to link Tidal to Plex, and furnish you with an alternative solution to fix the “Tidal not Showing up in Plex” problem quickly. Let’s get down to it.

link tidal to plex

Part 1. What Is Plex Tidal

After reaching an agreement to integrate Tidal and Plex, users can now access Tidal via Plex using either of the two available Plex Tidal services; Plex & Tidal Premium bundles ($9.99 per month) or Plex & Tidal HiFi bundles ($19.99 per month). At the same time, Plex Pass requires a $3.33/ month subscription if you opt to pay the annual fee at once.

For instance, if you opt for a Tidal bundle subscription via Plex, you enjoy almost all Tidal features and a few more Plex features such as automatic Lyrics, mobile sync, etc. However, these features change depending on the choice of your plan.

Note: Even though Plex provides for additional features and most Tidal privileges, some features are only available on Tidal’s official app; they cannot be accessed through third-party platforms such as Plex. Here are some limitations while using Plex Tidal.

  1. You cannot purchase Tidal tracks through Plex.
  2. Users cannot download Tidal tracks to Plex mobile app with Tidal’s “Offline Mode.”
  3. The Plex & Tidal HiFi plan does not offer “master-quality” for both Tidal and Plex Tidal users.

Part 2. How to Add Tidal to Plex

As we said in the former part of this article, Tidal fans can access Tidal through Plex. All you need is a premium Plex Tidal plan is on to link Tidal to Plex. Here is how you go about it!

  1. Download and install the Plex Media Server desktop on your PC.
  2. Launch Plex. Proceed to the Tidal page on the Plex site.
  3. Choose the “Tidal Premium” or “Tidal HiFi” option.
  4. Create your account on the Tidal site. Log in to your Tidal account on Plex.

Now, you can freely organize Tidal music content on Plex.

Sometimes, you might encounter the “Tidal not showing up in Plex,” with is common. If you are in such a situation, here is a quick fix for you!

Part 3. Tidal not Showing up in Plex: Best Solution

To resolve the problem, we highly recommend that use the AudKit Tidizer Music Converter software. The program is designed to help Tidal users to convert and download Tidal music playlists for offline playback.

More profoundly, AudKit lets you convert Tidal songs to MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, to mention a few.  AudKit comes to you in two versions, i.e., a Windows and Mac Version. The software provides for fast conversion and download without compromising on audio quality. Here are some of its outstanding features.

tidizer music converter

Main Features of AudKit Tidizer Music Converter

  • Lossless conversion of Tidal music
  • Convert at 5X faster conversion speed
  • Customize Tidal music output quality
  • Stay 100% sound quality and metadata

Below is a user guide on to resolve the “Tidal not showing up in Plex” problem and ultimately link tidal to plex using the AudKit Tidizer Music Converter software.

Step 1 Import Tidal songs to AudKit

add tidal to audkit for plex

Launch the AudKit software on your PC. The Tidal app will automatically open. Select the songs you want to download from Tidal. Right-click on the selected song and click Share>> Copy Track Link. Proceed on to paste the link on to AudKit’s search and hit the “+” option to add the song.

Step 2 Customize output format for Plex

edit tidal settings for plex

Click on the right-top menu icon to access the “Preferences” option. Here, you can customize your preferred audio output and alter a few basic audio parameters, including audio channel, sample rate, and bit rate, for enhanced sound quality.

Step 3 Convert and download Tidal songs

download tidal to plex

Hit the “Convert” option at the bottom to start the download process. It might take a while, depending on your internet speeds. You can find the saved Tidal songs by clicking on the title and the “search” icon.

Step 4 How to add Tidal music to Plex

After accessing the saved Tidal songs, follow the steps below to add Tidal music to Plex.

  1. Install the Plex Media Server app. Launch it and Sign in to your account.
  2. Click on the “Add Library” menu>> “Music.” Select your preferred Tidal songs to load them.
  3. You can now enjoy and listen to Tidal songs on Plex anytime.

Part 4. In Conclusion

From the guide provided avoid, it should be easy to link Tidal to Plex using either of the two options. The AudKit Tidizer Music Converter software comes in handy, especially if you are experiencing a problem when linking your Tidal account to Plex. The software facilitates unlimited, easy, and fast conversion and download of Tidal songs, which are then transferred to Plex for offline playback.

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