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Tidal to Ableton – How to Route Tidal Audio to Ableton

By Elle Johnson

Updated on September 14, 2023

When it comes to high res quality music, you can’t compare any music streaming service with Tidal. It gives you great output quality, a reason to blend it with music sequencers like Ableton for a live performance experience. Ableton sequencer works perfectly for composing, recording, mixing, and real-time instrumental performance of your music. With Ableton, it’s easy to make optimizations for any post-production music, taking your music experience to another level. 

You may already be wondering how to add Tidal to Ableton. Well, Tidal music is in HIFI sound quality needing it to be converted first. So, if you want to get that live performance environment, move ahead to see how to convert and import songs from Tidal to Ableton without Ableton Tidal integration.

tidal to ableton

Part 1. The Key to Import Tidal to Ableton Live

Use the advanced and professional Tidal converter, AudKit Tidizer Music Converter, to download and convert HIFI music playlists to other playable formats. AudKit is designed as an all-around HiFi music converter to give you output formats like WAV, M4A, AAC, M4B, and so forth. This tool’s latest technology enables it to identify and capture 100% ID3 tags from the original Tidal playlists.

This tool also works at super-speed to convert batch files within the shortest time possible with 5X batch conversion speed. And when it comes to customizing HIFI music output quality, you can do it freely. Customize the output settings like bitrate, conversion speed, channel, and sample rate. Your converted files will be playable on any MP3 player and other devices like Ableton Live.

tidizer music converter

Main Features of AudKit Tidizer Music Converter

  • Convert Tidal to MP3, FLAC, WAV, and more.
  • Featured as great speed that goes up to 5X
  • Retain the lossless quality of Tidal HiFi tracks
  • Easily customize the conversion speed, bitrate, etc.

Part 2. Download and Stream Tidal Music to Ableton Live

You can do Ableton Tidal and go ahead to enjoy your favorite hits on Ableton Live sequencer. Just head to the AudKit Tidizer Music Converter website and hit the “Download” tab. Then start to install the app on your computer, ready to convert your files to a playable format. Next, register the app by going to the “Menu” tab and clicking the “Register” option. The advanced features of Tidal will then be unlocked. You then need to register for the app. Copy and paste the licensed email and the registration code to activate AudKit’s full version.

Step 1 Customize the output settings of Tidal songs

reset tidal formats for ableton

You make your music output quality according to your preference. Go to the “Preferences” tab from the “Menu” icon and click the “Conversion” option. Choose the output format and customize other parameters such as the bit rate, channel, sample rate, and conversion speed, among others.

Step 2 Add Tidal playlist for Ableton Live

add tidal songs for ableton

It’s now time to add your Tidal music to the converter. Click the “Add Music” button and choose a playlist from the Tidal library to add for conversion.

Step 3 Download Tidal music for Ableton Live

download tidal for ableton

Confirm your choices and then click the “Convert” button to download and convert your music. Suddenly, a red tip will show on the “Converted” icon once the conversion process is complete. Next, click on the “Converted” icon to find your converted Tidal playlist ready to be imported to Ableton. Likewise, you can search for particular songs of choice via the “Search” option. Just click the “Search” icon and you will access the local output folder that harbors the converted Tidal playlists.

Step 4 How to import songs from Tidal to Ableton Live for use

You are now on the final lapse to route Tidal audio to Ableton.

  • First, launch Ableton Live on your computer. You can install the sequencer if you don’t have it yet. Then connect Tidal to Ableton live.
  • Then click the “File” icon on Ableton Live and set up a “New Live Set” for your new project.
  • Click on the “File” category and choose the “Open” option. Here, click the folder that harbors your converted music playlist. Next, click “Open” to access the Tidal converted files. Finally, choose any track that you wish to hear from Tidal on Ableton Live.

Part 3. Bottom Line

The Hi-res sound quality of Tidal is what puts it ahead of other music streaming services. It even gets better when you can incorporate Tidal to Ableton for a live performance experience. Just follow the steps of the best tool, AudKit Tidizer, to record Tidal into Ableton. The best part is that you can customize your files to your taste by setting the output format and other parameters. Likewise, with Tidal on Ableton, you get to play your songs freely without original app integration and subscription.

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