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How to Play Apple Music on Discord [Workable]

By Andrew Rowley

Updated on May 15, 2024

Online gaming has advanced over the years, currently enabling chatting in real-time via voice, video, or text. Discord is one such chat app created for video gamers to communicate while on the play deck. Better still, your buddies need some entertainment to accompany such moments. That’s the reason for the integration of the likes of Spotify’s music streaming service. Other than playing Spotify on Discord, can you share Apple Music on Discord?

This would be a great achievement, but disappointingly, Discord hasn’t integrated with Apple Music just yet. However, there are ways to help you enjoy your tracks while gaming and chatting with friends. Move on to the next section on how to handle that as we unravel various ways how to connect Apple Music to Discord.

how to connect apple music to discord

Part 1. How to Display Apple Music on Discord on Windows

For Windows PCs, iTunesRichPresence has you covered for Apple Music Discord’s rich presence. It will show what’s playing on Discord. The steps are few and work according to the table Apple Music on Discord for you. Follow these steps.

Step 1. Download the iTunesRichPresence app on your Windows PC.

Step 2. Then, unzip the available files in the zip folder.

Step 3. Next, run the iTunesRichPresence rewrite the application.

Step 4. Go to the Settings option and check the Run at Startup option.

itunesrichpresence settings

This will allow the application to run automatically and show Apple Music on Discord.

apple music discord rich presence

Part 2. How to Share Apple Music on Discord With Music Bot

Neeko is a free Apple Music Discord bot that will help you add music to Discord. It supports various music streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal, SoundCloud, etc. It is quite easy to apply and you can add as many songs as you wish to the queue.

play music via apple music discord bot

Step 1. Visit the Neeko bot website and hit the “Add to Discord” button right away.

Step 2. Log into your Discord account for connection.

Step 3.  Open the Discord app on your channel.

Step 2. Tap on the “Neeko” icon under the member’s listing.

Step 3. Check the commands/inputs to start the bot.

Step 4. Then, enter the specific command to play your music.

Part 3. How to Play Apple Music in Discord by Transferring Songs to Spotify

It is out of the question to connect Apple Music to Discord but Spotify, as Discord has officially integrated with Spotify, therefore, you can easily transfer your songs from Apple Music to a Spotify account for playing. To move Apple Music to another music service, you can use the online tool Soundiiz to complete the task.

Step 1. First, open Soundiiz and select the transfer tool.

Step 2. Then, connect your Apple Music and Spotify accounts.

Step 3. Select “Apple Music” as the source and “Spotify” as the destination.

transfer apple music to spotify using soundiiz

Step 4. Then, choose all the music tracks that you want to transfer to Spotify.

Step 5. Confirm your selection then continue with the transfer process.

After the transfer, you then can connect Spotify to Discord to listen to the playlists from Apple Music. To do this, you can go to the “User Settings” in Discord, tap “Connections” from the left side, and then click “Spotify” to link the account.

connect apple music to discord through spotify

Part 4. How to Add Apple Music to Discord as Local Files

Besides all these ways mentioned above, you can also engage with a third-party app to get Apple Music on Discord locally. AudKit Apple Music Converter can quickly convert tracks from Apple Music to common output formats like WAV, AAC, FLAC, MP3, etc. It runs at a 30X conversation rate and will keep all the lossless quality of the original files like genre, album, title, etc.

You can customize the output audio settings as per your taste by changing the parameters like sample rate, channel, volume, speed, and bit rate. Batch conversion ability is another plus, as you can add hundreds of songs for conversion at once. When all is done and dusted, simply listen to your tracks offline on any device without further restrictions.

audkit apple music converter icon

Main Features of AudKit Apple Music Converter

  • Batch conversion for a quick turnaround
  • 30X conversion speed for quick completion
  • Multiple formats like MP3, and WAV for Apple Music output
  • Keeps up to 100% lossless audio quality

How to Download Music for Apple Music Discord Streaming

“Can you share Apple Music on Discord?” This is a question that any Apple Music fan would ask. The good news is that you can, with the help of third-party apps. AudKit Apple Music Converter supports both Windows and Mac OS devices. Visit the official website and download your computer’s version.

Step 1 Register AudKit Apple Music Converter

open and sign up audkit apple music converter

Once you have downloaded AudKit Apple Music Converter, install and launch it on your computer. Then, go on to register it to unlock another potential. Click on the “Menu” > “Register” tab then input your license key to register it to the full version.

Step 2 Choose Apple Music files to import

select apple music playlists

Upon launching the AudKit converter, the Apple Music app will also load automatically. Next, click on the first “Load iTunes Library” button to choose the Apple Music files that you want to add for conversion.

Step 3 Change Apple Music sound settings for Discord

edit apple music audio settings for discord

You can edit the audio parameters as you wish. Click the “audio” tab on the right side to open the format settings. You can choose the output format you need to convert your files into, such as Apple Music to MP3. Moreover, go on to modify the audio properties such as channel, bit rate, codec, etc.

Step 4 Download playlists offline for Apple Music and Discord

convert songs offline for apple music discord

Confirm your entries, then, hit on the “Convert” tab to allow the AudKit Apple Music Converter to begin the conversion process to your set preferences. Once completed, you will get the converted Apple Music from the history folder. You can now go on to transfer and play your music on Discord.

How to Add Apple Music to Discord for Playback Using the Hydra Bot

Check out the steps on how to connect Apple Music to Discord via Hydra Bot.

Step 1. First, go to Hydra Bot’s official site on your computer.

Step 2. Then, click on the “Invite” button and pick up “Discord” to use to play Apple Music songs.  Next, follow the screening procedure to authorize Hydra Bot to your Discord server.

add hydra bot to discord

Step 3. Go to the “Discord” server and type “.setup” to create a channel for your song request.

Step 4. Finally, type “.play file” and the music track’s name to begin playing your Apple Music on Discord.

share apple music on discord	using hydra bot

Part 5. Conclusion

You now have an answer to the question “Can you share Apple Music on Discord?” Even though Apple Music has not integrated with Discord yet, you can use available means to learn how to connect Apple Music to Discord in a few steps: using the Discord music bot, transferring Apple Music, or playing local Apple Music songs using AudKit Apple Music Converter.

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