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Top 6 Best Spotify Visualizer Recommendation 2020

By Elle Johnson

Updated on August 18, 2023

Spotify visualizer was implemented within the desktop version of the app a short time ago. Just type within the top-left search bar Spotify visualizer and a Spotify visualizer app should appear for you. Then for a few unexplainable reasons, it got removed.

I think Spotify is one among the most straightforward music streaming software, the one thing Spotify lacks maybe a live Spotify visualizer that either allows full-screen album artwork or abstract visuals that go alongside the music.

Fortunately, there is numerous third-party music visualizer software within the market now. Here we’ll list you top 6 best visualizer for Spotify music you’ll try.

spotify visualizer

Part 1. Visualizer for Spotify – 3 Best Third-party Tools

Since Spotify has removed the feature of Spotify visualizer, many Spotify lovers tend to hunt for a feasible Spotify visualizer for enjoying Spotify. However, as many visualizers existed on the web, not all of them are fully compatible with Spotify. To supply you with the feasible music visualizer for Spotify, we’ve collected some considerable of them. We would like to share with you, starting from online tools to desktop software with detailed features.

Here, we will introduce top 3 best third-party desktop visualizer for Spotify in this part. You’ll devour the one you’re keen on and reserve it as your Spotify music partner.

1. Magic Music Visuals

VJs and everyone other artists who wish to mix sound and pictures during live sessions can use the Performer edition of this cross-platform music visualization software. The Studio edition offers all features that are necessary for the creation of real-time music visualizations or music videos. you’ll use both versions of Magic to get 2D and 3D graphics that react to the music or mix photos, 3D files or videos. Moreover, you’ll quickly enter the full-screen mode and project your videos using LED displays or projectors. The Magic Music Visuals also enables its users to mix a vast number of audio inputs simultaneously, which suggests that you can combine two or more songs effortlessly. This music visualization software allows you to export videos in mp4 and MOV files. Still, the length of the rendering process depends on how long the video is and on the processing power of the pc you’re using.

2. VSDC Video Editor Free – Audio Spectrum Visualizer

Visualizing music is simply one out of countless video editing options VDSC Video Editor Free offers. Besides the creation of videos supported music, you’ll also use this video editing software package to stabilize videos recorded with action cameras, enhance the colors within the footage captured with an excellent array of cameras and drones, create 3D charts or export videos in high resolution to your accounts on social media directly from the software. The editor’s audio visualizer contains five hundred presets you’ll use to make a captivating music video for your latest song. Besides the Spectrum feature that displays the sounds within a group Colour range, the VDSC Video Editor also offers the Audio Abstraction option that generates colorful abstract shapes supported the music you decide. Albeit visualizing sound with VDSC’s audio visualizer may be a fun and straightforward process, video creators with no previous video editing experience may have a tough time to urge won’t to the software’s interface.

3. After Effects – The Audio Spectrum Effect

There isn’t virtually anything associated with digital visual effects, motion graphics or compositing you can’t neutralize Adobe After Effects. that’s why it’s hardly surprising that you also can use the After Effects to see music, but you want to have a minimum of basic knowledge of the software to be ready for that. Before you apply the Audio Spectrum effect, you want first to create a replacement composition, add the sound file to its form and set its duration. If these tasks sound too complicated, you ought to take some time and slowly find out how to use the essential functionalities of Adobe After Effects. Experienced video editors can use The Audio Spectrum effect’s settings to undertake out different sorts of music visualization and explore creative ways of creating their videos more dynamic.

Part 2. Spotify Music Visualizer – Best 3 Online Apps

Spotify music visualization refers to the method of turning Spotify audio track into a video of some sort by displaying animation supported the frequency and volume of the road played. Suppose you hear Spotify music, then you recognize that the default setting for the songs isn’t visual. And then you need Spotify visualizers to help you out.

There is also the sheer number of those online Spotify visualizers. To choose the proper visual for you, in this part, we give you the top 3 best you can use.

1. Renderforest Music Visualizer

Render forest may be a platform that helps its users create visual content online, or maybe design a whole website. However, to start out visualizing your music with Render forest, you want to first register and make your account. Afterwards, you only need to choose from visualization templates with text or photo holders, add the artist’s name and therefore, the title of the song and add the background photo or video. you’ll then proceed to select the design of the visualization that matches the music perfectly, select its Colour and eventually upload a song you’d wish to use in your video. When done, you ought to click on the Preview icon, and therefore the Render forest will send you the e-mail that contains the music visualization video. Confine mind that each one video created with the free version of the platform is getting to watermarked which their duration can’t exceed a one-minute limit.

2. Video bolt Music Visualizer

The collection of music visualization templates this website offers is impressive, as you’ll choose between a right sort of models during the method of making a video. However, you want to purchase one among the available subscription plans to be ready to customize the template you’ve selected and exported a watermark-free video. After you’ve chosen a music visualization template, you only need to click on the Edit button below it to start outperforming on your project. you’ll either upload a song from your computer or use SoundCloud to import a song you’d wish to visualize into the project. Adding cover art or employing a variation of the template you selected initially can improve the standard of your video. The sole downside is that you won’t be ready to customize videos produced Video bolt Music Visualizer during the free test period.

3. Spotify 3D Visualizer – The Echo Nest

When you search ‘Spotify visualizer’ on Google, this Echo Nest Spotify 3D Visualizer will put within the first place. However, here, I introduce it third. Yes, it is also easy to work. You only got to check in your Spotify account then play Spotify music; you’ll see the essential moving blocks. But it is vital to notice that it sometimes can’t sync Spotify songs.

Part 3. Download and Add Spotify to Any Spotify Visualizer

Now you can choose one of your favorites from the top 6 best Spotify music visualizers. To listen to Spotify music with these Spotify visualizers, it is better to download Spotify music as local music files in advance, since the downloaded Spotify tracks are more stable and smoother to play offline.

With the use of AudKit Spotify Music Converter. You can download the software by visiting the site or buy the full version of it. 

audkit spotify music converter

Main Features of AudKit Spotify Music Converter

  • Download Spotify tracks for local playback without Premium
  • Convert Spotify songs to common formats such as MP3
  • Keep 100% raw quality and ID3 tags in the local files
  • Support to add Spotify music to any other Spotify visualizer

Step 1: Download and install the AudKit Spotify Music Downloader.

Step 2: Open the AudKit program. Drag tracks or playlists from the Spotify app to AudKit.

Step 3: Reset the output format to what you want on the Settings page of AudKit.

Step 4: Hit the convert icon to start the conversion. Just wait for a few minutes to get the results.


As an excellent and straightforward way of audio-visual entertainment, music visualization remains fashionable to the general public. By converting equivalent popular Spotify music songs, we hope more and more people can enjoy music visualization without restriction. Besides, AudKit Spotify Music Converter can also help more music enthusiasts to make Spotify music compatible with all kinds of music visualizers

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