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Easiest Way to Convert Audible Book to Text

By Elle Johnson

Updated on June 22, 2022

You can convert Audible book to text easily using ample tools in the online platform. If you want to listen to big books then it is highly recommended to convert into text format to avoid damage to ears due to consistent usage. Some readers are comfortable reading out than listening to the audiobooks. For educational purposes, it is advisable to convert the audiobooks to text format because you can highlight the important points for future reference. You can try out the vice versa conversion with simple tools loaded in the online space.

Connect with this article to figure out innovative methods. You can adopt any strategy which fits your needs without any compromises. Scroll down for an enlightening journey to convert Audible to text. Every method is unique employing the sophisticated algorithm in the online platform for the speedy conversion process.

convert audible book to text

Part 1. How to Convert Audible Books to Text: 2 Ways

In this section, ignite your mind with the best 2 ways to convert audiobooks to texts easily. If you hunt for the conversion tool for audible to text files you will get ample collections in the digital market. Here you will be learning about the online programs for easy reach without any download process.

1. Cloud Converter

In this online converter platform, add the audio files either from local drive, website, or cloud storage by tapping the appropriate button beneath the ‘Choose your Source’ section. Select the language used in the uploaded audio file. You must hit the dropdown menu and choose the desired language from the displayed list.

Then, choose the timeframe you want to transcribe and check-in the box to authorize this webpage to use the data for system improvement. At last, press the ‘Start Conversion’ button to convert the audiobooks to texts. You can save the converted text file in the local storage space as per your needs.

2. Bear File Converter

In this method, upload the audio files less than 3M file size into this online converter platform. To upload the files, you can drag and drop press the ‘Upload’ button or paste the URL of the webpage containing the desired audio files. Modify the settings and hit the conversion button to trigger the audio to text process.

This online platform does not save the uploaded files into the servers for security purposes. The uploaded files destroy automatically within 2 hours. It is a reliable environment to carry out the conversion process effortlessly.

Part 2. How to Convert Text File to Audible

Here, you will be learning the effective methods to convert the text files to audio format effortlessly

1. Zamzar Online File Conversion

The process is simple and you can convert in just three steps. First, add the text files into this platform by tapping the ‘Add Files’ button. You can also add the files by drag and drop action. The size limit of the file should not exceed beyond 50mb.

Then, select the output file format as ‘.mp3’ to convert the text into an audio format. Finally hit the ‘Convert Now’ button to trigger the conversion process. The converted text file will be stored in your system drive quickly soon after the successful conversion process. You can access those files when you are in need.

2. Online Converter

In this method, you can convert text to audio files at a faster rate by working on the bit rate and sampling rate values. The first step is to add the text files into this online conversion platform by tapping the ‘Choose Files’ button. You can import the files from local drives, Dropbox, and Google drives easily. By entering the URL address of the audio files, you can import the text files without any issues.

Then, modify the conversion settings like file format like .mp3, audio channel, sampling rate, bit rate and you can name the settings for future use. Next, hit the ‘Start Conversion’ button to trigger the conversion process.

More Tips: How to Convert Audible Books for Listening Anytime and Anywhere

You can convert the audible books to compatible file formats to listen anytime and anywhere using your gadgets. It is high time to modify the AAX file format of the audible audiobooks into a common format so that you can play it on any desired devices for listening. The AudKit Audible Converter is an incredible program to convert Audible books to MP3 or any file format as per your needs. There is no data loss and works at a faster rate. It is an awesome tool with built-in features for the ease conversion process.

audkit audible converter

Key Features of AudKit Audible Converter

  • Quick conversion despite file size without losing quality
  • Remove protection from Audible books for playback
  • Personalize ID3 tags like track’s title, artist, genre, etc
  • Split Audible books depending on chapters, hours, etc.

To convert the audio files into any desired file format, you must download AudKit Audible AAX converter tool in your system depending on your OS version. Then, register with it to access all the built-in features of this program.

Add the audio files and modify the settings like file format, sample rate, bit rate, etc by tapping the ‘Format’ option at the bottom left side of the window. Finally, press the ‘Convert’ button to trigger the conversion process. The converted file stores optimally at the desired storage location in your system.


Thus, you had an informative discussion on how to convert audiobooks to texts and vice versa. Make use of the above methods to carry out the conversion process easily. The online conversion process is reliable and you can quickly make the conversion without any difficulty.

If you want to convert the audible files to any file format then try out the AudKit audible AXX converter program to get rid of compatible issues with the devices. Stay tuned to this article and learn about sophisticated ways to convert and play the AAX files of audible audiobooks.

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Paul Stewart ON

I am looking to convert audio books to ebook format. Do you have software that will achieve this?

Thank you

Paul Stewart

Dakota Jones ON

Hi Paul, we don’t have the audiobook to ebook converter currently. Thanks for your comment and great suggestion. I will submit this idea to our R&D department.

If there is anything else we can do for you, don’t hesitate to email us.

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