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HitPaw Spotify Music Converter Review & Alternatives

By Andrew Rowley

Updated on September 15, 2023

Spotify has great content that will keep you entertained from podcasts, videos, digital music, and great features. You will get free music but you can choose to upgrade to the Spotify Premium for extra enjoyment. Some users look for ways to enjoy the Spotify Premium version even when they operate on the Free tier, then try converting Spotify songs to common output formats like MP3 and WAV. You’ll achieve this with a tool like HitPaw Spotify Music Converter. It works well with multiple audio and videos. How to use it and what of its alternatives? Well, let’s unfold more about HitPaw Spotify Converter before we loop into the best Spotify downloader as its alternative.

hitpaw spotify music converter review

Part 1. What Is HitPaw Spotify Music Converter?

In this HitPaw Spotify Music Converter review, we take a look at the features and their capabilities in converting Spotify music into common output formats. The HitPaw converter is a tool that is encompassed multiple features for conversion and editing ability. You first, download your video then convert it to an output of choice before you can go on to edit it by cropping, filtering, cutting, or adding watermarks. Besides you can remove noise from your video as well as compress it from the toolbox tab.

Main Features

  • Powerful file conversion from one format to another (MP3/WAV/M4A)
  • Editing ability by adding watermarks and subtitles, adjusting speed, removing audio tracks, or cropping files
  • You can download music from Spotify music library without quality loss

Guide on Using HitPaw Spotify Converter

Here is how to use HitPaw Spotify Music Converter for free.

Step 1. First, download the HitPaw Video Converter from its official website and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Then launch the HitPaw app and open the Spotify Music Converter after clicking Toolbox from the top taskbar.

open hitpaw spotify music converter

Step 3. Just go to the main menu in Spotify and select the song to copy its URL.

Step 4. Next, drop the Spotify music link into HitPaw’s search field.

add spotify link to hitpaw spotify converter

Step 5. Finally, click on the “Convert All” option to enable the app to start the conversion process of your Spotify files.

download spotify music by hitpaw spotify downloader


  • Numerous editing functions
  • Easily modify your converted files for different platforms
  • It is easily accessible
  • Supports major music websites in one application
  • Supports Windows and Mac OS computer


  • It is slow to download
  • The converter is not free at all
  • You can’t adjust the output quality of your downloaded videos

Part 2. FAQs about HitPaw Spotify Music Converter

Q1. Is HitPaw Spotify Music Converter Free?

HitPaw Converter is not completely free but offers a free trial for two Spotify songs only. The 1-month subscription needs $19.95. More so, you don’t get a completely converted song but only the first third of the song.

hitpaw spotify music converter prices

Q2. Is HitPaw Spotify Music Converter Safe?

Yes, it is safe to use the converter from HitPaw as your personal information is highly protected by the company. Likewise, the payment process is secure as this app supports SSL technology and other safe payment channels.

Q3. Is HitPaw Spotify Music Converter Legal?

It depends on what you use it for. If it’s for personal use, then HitPaw is legal but it is prohibited for commercial usage.

Part 3. Best HitPaw Spotify Music Converter Alternative – AudKit Spotify Music Converter

HitPaw Spotify Converter cannot convert your files to a batch and can only convert two songs in the trial version. This makes users hover for HitPaw Spotify Music Converter alternatives. AudKit SpotiLab Music Converter is one of the best alternatives that convert your Spotify playlists at a fast speed of X5 rate in batches.

The app supports various output formats like MP3, M4B, AAC, WAV, etc. It will as well keep up to 100% of your files’ lossless quality and ID3 tags like titles, albums, track numbers, etc. With this, you can play your converted songs on numerous devices and media players without needing an internet connection.

More so, you can customize your Spotify songs to your taste. This includes personalizing the bit rate, channel, sample rate, and codec. While converting Spotify songs, you can add more tracks for downloading. It is completely safe to use.

audkit spotify music converter

Main Features of AudKit Spotify Music Converter

  • Get the download of Spotify songs without Spotify Premium
  • Losslessly convert music from Spotify to MP3, FLAC, WAV, and more
  • Enjoy the original sound quality of Spotify offline on any device
  • Spotify conversion runs at 5X faster speed time for batch download

Steps on Downloading Spotify Tracks by AudKit Spotify Converter

AudKit Spotify Music Converter comes in handy to download and convert your Spotify hits to the most-used common output format without premium. To follow this guide, hit the “Download” button above to get the AudKit app on your computer (Mac/Windows OS), and also ensure installed the Spotify app in advance.

Step 1 Drag and drop Spotify playlists for conversion

add spotify tracks into audkit converter

Go on and browse the tracks from Spotify to add for conversion. Drag and drop the track to the main interface of AudKit Spotify Downloader. While another way is to right-click on the track you’ve selected and then click on the “Share” > “Copy Song Link” option. Next, paste the link to the search box on the converter and tap the “+” to import the songs.

Step 2 Change Spotify music audio output

modify spotify music output settings

Click on the “Menu” > “Preferences” tab on the AudKit Spotify Music Converter and begin to set the output format and parameters like bit rate, channel, and sample rate then click on the “OK” tab.

Step 3 Get Spotify on the computer by HitPaw Spotify alternative

download spotify songs by hitpaw spotify music converter alternative

Hit on the “Convert” tab on the AudKit program to start converting your Spotify songs. It should download Spotify songs to computer in a few minutes. You’ll then locate them in your computer’s local folder for offline playback without premium.

Part 4. HitPaw Spotify Music Converter Free Alternatives

You can also engage AllToMP3, which is a free HitPaw Spotify Music Converter alternative used to download songs from not only Spotify but also Deezer, YouTube, and SoundCloud, among others into MP3 format. AllToMP3 supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The app is free to use and will maintain some of the ID3 information in your tracks.

hitpaw spotify music converter free alternative

How to Use the AllToMP3 Tool to Download Spotify Songs

Step 1. Download and install your preferred version of AllToMP3 from its official site.

Step 2. Then, open the Spotify app or web player and browse the Spotify hits you want to download.

Step 3. Next, right-click on the three-dot icon and select the “Share” > “Copy Song URI” option.

Step 4. Next, go to AllToMP3, then paste the copied link into the interface.

Step 5. Press on the Enter tab and let AllToMP3 start downloading the selected Spotify hits to MP3.

convert music by alltomp3


  • Compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux OS computers
  • Save Spotify music with ID3 tags like genre, lyrics, and title
  • Get it in different languages like Japanese, English, Finnish, and Russian


  • Slow conversion rate
  • The software is prone to crashing
  • Loss of output audio

Part 5. Comparison of HitPaw Spotify Music Converter & Its Alternatives

Let’s see the difference between HitPaw Spotify Music Converter and its various alternatives in this comparison table.

 HitPaw Spotify ConverterAudKit SpotiLab Spotify ConverterAllToMP3
Output Formats
Downloadable ContentSpotifySpotifyDeezer, YouTube,  SoundCloud, Spotify
Audio Quality256kbps320kbps256kbps
Conversion Speed120X (Not that fast for music)5X rate1X rate
Batch Download SupportNoYesNo
ID3 TagsYesYesYes
Success RateLoss100% losslessSome losses
Support OSWindowsWindows and MacMac, Linux, and Windows

Part 6. In Conclusion

You may want to convert Spotify tracks to play on other devices offline. HitPaw Spotify Music Converter is an all-in-one tool for audio and video editing. It can convert music from Spotify and enable other editing like adding titles, and watermarks and removing background noise in the video. However, it does have its own drawbacks, such as slow downloading while using it, etc.

If you are looking for alternatives to the HitPaw Spotify Converter, we have introduced the best alternatives including AudKit Spotify Music Converter and AllToMP3. Both of them are designed to download audio files. But the AudKit app offers more audio settings compared to the other one. It can download files in batches to more audio formats and works at a high speed of X5 rate.

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