How to Make Ringtones from Spotify for iPhone/Android Phone

By Elle Johnson

Updated on September 29, 2020

I understand that you are searching for answers to create ringtones from Spotify, given the massive collection the streaming application offers. I search a lot when I listen to my favorite song or music, and I am certain that you feel the same. 

It would be great to set our favorite song or tune as our ringtone for iPhone or Android phones. However, we know that we cannot download from Spotify and play it on any device. The built-in protection prevents them from playing on other devices and applications. Even if you have a membership, you cannot save them to the MP3 file format. 

Is there a procedure to set our favorite song as a ringtone? The answer is certainly yes, and you can choose any song available on Spotify as your ringtone on iPhone and Android phones. Follow the steps discussed here to set your favorite song as a ringtone.

make ringtones from spotify

Part 1. Why You Cannot Set Spotify Songs as Ringtones Directly

Spotify ringtones for your phone is not a valid operation because of the digital protection. The songs or the content available on Spotify makes it impossible to play on any other application, computer, Mac, and music players. Even if you purchased the membership, you cannot set your favorite song as a ringtone. All you can do is download the song and listen offline. 

Part 2. Best Spotify Ringtone Maker: Make Ringtone from Spotify

Is there a way to make Spotify songs as ringtones? Yes!  With the help of the Spotify ringtone maker, you can quickly set your favorite song as your preferred ringtone on iPhone or Android phone. With the help of the AudKit Spotify Music Converter, it is possible to convert Spotify songs and set them as ringtones.

What makes the software different is its ability to convert the digital protected songs on Spotify to multiple formats without losing the original quality. You will have a 100% lossless quality along with ID3 tags! It further gives the option to convert at the rate of 5X speed. 

The answer to your question, “how to make ringtones from Spotify?” is right in front of you! All you require is the AudKit Spotify Music Converter.

audkit spotify music converter

Main Features of AudKit Spotify Music Converter

  • Support multiple input formats and output formats from Spotify
  • Losslessly convert the Spotify tracks at 5X conversion speed
  • Customizable output settings with hassle-free operation
  • Preserves raw metadata to compatible with universal devices

Converting Spotify Music to MP3 Using AudKit Spotify Music Converter

You can call the AudKit Spotify Music Converter as the Spotify ringtone maker because of the ease with which you can convert the protected songs. The steps below will help you understand better about the process.

Step 1 Import Spotify songs and playlists to AudKit

import songs for spotify ringtones

After installing the trial copy of the software, you can launch it to explore the songs, playlists, and other content on Spotify. Besides, you can copy-paste the link in the search box and click the “+” symbol to add them to the converter. You can further drag and drop the songs.

Step 2 Reset the output audio format for ringtone making

change format for spotify ringtones

Open the “Preferences” window by clicking the “Menu” button from the taskbar. You can select the file format for the song or playlist. Further, you can edit bit rate, sample rate, and channel. As a default, the conversion speed is 5x. However, you can choose the 1x conversion speed if you like to have a stable conversion. 

Step 3 Download songs to make Spotify ringtones

convert songs for spotify ringtones

Click the “Convert” button after setting the preferences. The program starts the operation and pops a notification upon completing the process. The program will save the converted songs from Spotify on the local folder that you mentioned. Click the folder icon button to locate it directly. You can now use the songs anywhere and anytime.

Part 3: How to Make Spotify Music as iPhone Ringtones

Now that the change of format procedure is complete, you can set Spotify music as iPhone ringtones. The following steps help you set your favorite song as the ringtone: 

Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer. It would help if you transferred the converted songs from Spotify to the library. 

Step 2: After completing the upload to the library, pick a song, right-click, and select the “Get Info” option. 

Step 3: Open the editing window by clicking the “Option” button. Here, you can set the start and end time for the ringtone. 

Step 4: Right-click the song again and choose the “Convert” option and click the “Create AAC version” option. It will generate a 30-second ringtone for the song. 

Step 5: Delete the iTunes ringtone 30-second version and undo the start time and stop time changes to the original Spotify song. 

Step 6: You can now drag and drop the Spotify ringtone to a new folder on your system and change the extension to M4R. 

Step 7: Double click the file, and iTunes will automatically add the file to the ringtone’s library. 

Step 8: Sync your iPhone using iTunes, and you can set the newly added Spotify song as your ringtone. 

Part 4: How to Set Spotify Music as Android Ringtones

You can set Spotify music as Android ringtones using the following steps: 

Step 1: You can set the converted Spotify song by synchronizing it to your Android device. You can then select the song and make it as your ringtone. 

Step 2: For advanced features, you can download the Syncios Android Manager. Install it and connect your Android phone through USB cable.

Step 3: Launch the software and select the “Ringtone Maker” from the program’s functions. Now, upload the converted MP3 song and edit the start and end time for the ringtone. You can then save the ringtone to the device by clicking the “Save & Import” button.


You learned about the different methods that help you set ringtones to your iPhone and Android phones from Spotify. All you need is the right procedure! Whether you use Spotify as a guest or purchased membership, you must use any of the discussed methods to create a ringtone of your favorite song and set it as the ringing tone for the phone you use.

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