Spotify Waiting to Download? Solved!

By Elle Johnson

Updated on January 19, 2021

Spotify is arguably a king of music streaming platforms with millions of music lover users from all around the world. However, it has a downside that is prevailing more and more these days. The majority of the users, including the premium subscribers, have encountered an annoying issue of Spotify waiting to download whenever they tried to download their Spotify playlist on an Android or iOS device. While some users claim to solve this issue by simply restarting the app or the uninstalling and reinstalling trick, others have not been fortunate.

Are you facing a similar problem? If your answer is yes, you’ll be glad to know that you are just in the right place. To save your effort and time, we did all the strenuous work to find a few solutions, one of which might work for you. Read on this article and learn how to fix Spotify stuck on waiting to download issue.

spotify waiting to download

Part 1. Spotify Waiting to Download Local Files: One-Click Solved

You heard it right! A one-click solution to your Spotify local files waiting to download is AudKit Spotify Music Converter. What’s better than enjoying your favorite song offline, anytime anywhere that too without a premium subscription? Well, AudKit lets you do just that.

AudKit Spotify Music converter is a handy third-party tool that will help you download the Spotify playlist on your device in minutes. An intuitive interface makes it easy-to-use with a suite of useful features. AudKit provides a variety of audio output formats, such as converting Spotify to MP3, M4A, AAC, etc., while also supporting all types of Spotify audio such as songs, podcasts, radio, and more.

audkit spotify music converter

Main Features of AudKit Spotify Music Converter

  • Download Spotify tracks on local before they turn grey
  • Convert Spotify music to common formats such as MP3
  • Keep 100% lossless quality and ID3 tags in the output files
  • Support to add Spotify music to other devices and players

Even with a 5x faster conversion speed, Spotify offers 100% original audio quality output. You can also edit and take advantage of the customizable audio parameters like channel, sample rate, bit rate, and more. All in all, AudKit is a powerful music converter that is designed beautifully to suit beginners.

With AudKit Spotify Music converter, converting and downloading Spotify tracks has been more straightforward- a mere 3 step process.

Step 1 Launch AudKit & Import Media

import spotify music to audkit

Start with installing the application. If you have a Windows system, select the free download option, or choose “Go to Mac” in case of a Mac. Launch AudKit on your device.

Step 2 Customize Output Settings

reset spotify output format

On AudKit’s main screen, click on Menu and then tap on Preferences. In the Convert tab, select an output format, bit rate, and even conversion speed. You can also specify how you want your converted audio files to be organized, e.g., by Artist/Album.

Step 3 Download Spotify songs on your device

start to convert spotify songs

Once you customize the output settings, click on Convert, located on the main page’s bottom right corner. All the songs will immediately start converting and will be saved to the folder selected by you in high quality.

And voila! You’re all ready to enjoy Spotify music without the trouble of Spotify waiting to download.

Part 2. Spotify Stuck on Waiting to Download: Common Solutions

If you’re just not ready to convert and download Spotify music on your device for some reason, you still don’t need to worry. Here we have some of the best solutions to tackle the Spotify stuck on waiting to download issue. All you need to do is stay tuned.


The first and simplest solution is to uninstall and reinstall the Spotify app on your device. As you know, Spotify keeps updating to add new features and remove old ones; using an older version might show a “Waiting to download” error.

If you’re still stuck, move on to the next solutions.


Your windows firewall settings can be a reason for the downloading problem. Fix the issue by disabling the firewall.

Open the Windows Firewall by clicking on Windows Defender Firewall. Click the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall” option on the upper left corner. Press “Change Settings,” scroll down to Spotify.exe and tick both “Private” and “Public.” Hit “Ok”


Spotify limits the number of songs you can download per device that is up to 10000 on 3 devices. So, exceeding this limit can be a download issue. Try removing a few tracks and then download again; it should work.


We recommend cleaning up your phone storage since extra cache on your device will use up your space, leaving no room for new stuff. A lot of caches also interrupt the working of some apps. To clear your phone storage, click the setting icon in the top right corner of your phone screen. Now hit “Storage” and then click on “Delete cache.”


A poor network connection is the most common reason for this problem. Try restarting your WIFI router or turn on/off the airplane mode on your phone to fix the problem.


Well, that’s all. With the solutions above, no more Spotify waiting to download local files! In case none of these solutions work, the AudKit Spotify Music converter is an excellent alternative to avoid the problem. With AudKit, you cannot only download the Spotify playlist on your device, but you can also share it with your friends and family.

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