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Top 8 Spotify Playlist Downloader Online Free in 2024

By Elle Johnson

Updated on February 23, 2024

As is known to us all, only Spotify Premium users can download Spotify music for offline listening. If you want to get offline music from Spotify, you must pay for a subscription. That’s why free users are trying to find a Spotify downloader. Actually, there are multiple kinds of Spotify music downloaders for your choice. But if you want to download a full playlist from Spotify, you need a Spotify playlist downloader.

Therefore, today we will mainly talk about the best Spotify playlist downloaders online free for mobile devices and computers. We select the top 8 from the market. You can clearly see their differences because we write down their pros and cons. If you want to get a quick comparison, you can refer to the comparison table in Part 6.

spotify playlist downloader online

Part 1. Why Need a Spotify Playlist Downloader

A Spotify playlist downloader is a powerful and professional toolkit for both Spotify free and premium users to download Spotify playlists as offline files and save them locally on their devices. It breaks the limitation of listening to ad-free Spotify music for premium users only and bypasses Spotify download limit.

Benefits of Using a Spotify Playlist Downloader

With the assistance of a brilliant Spotify downloader playlist, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Convenience. No need to create a new playlist to add songs one by one for download. And it works at 5X faster conversion speed to save you time while downloading Spotify playlists.
  • Offline listening. Regardless of paid or free users, you can listen to Spotify playlists offline without premium on all devices and players.
  • Sharing playlists. It’s possible to share Spotify playlist downloads with others so that you can listen to Spotify songs together with your friends.
  • Backup Spotify playlists. As Spotify tracks are local files, you can transfer and back up them to any device forever.

What Are the Factors of Choosing Spotify Playlist Downloader

Price: Some playlist downloaders are free, while others require a one-time or monthly fee. Consider your budget and how often you plan to use the downloader.

Output Format: Different playlist downloaders support different output formats, such as MP3, FLAC, and WAV. Consider which format you prefer and which downloader supports it.

Download Speed: The download speed of a Spotify playlist downloader can vary greatly. Consider how quickly you need to download your playlists and which downloader offers the fastest speed.

Batch Download: Some playlist downloaders Spotify support batch downloads, allowing you to download entire playlists or albums at once. Consider whether you want to download individual songs or entire playlists.

Audio Quality: The audio quality of a downloader can vary, with some offering 320kbps output quality. Consider how important audio quality is to you and which downloader offers the best quality.

Ease of Use: Consider your technical expertise and which downloader offers the most user-friendly interface.

Part 2. Best Spotify Playlist Downloader for Windows/Mac

Many people will give preference to online Spotify playlist downloaders, but these tools have many drawbacks such as low sound quality, limited download options, adverts and pop-ups, and security risks. They may not be the best choice. To ensure you get a safe and pleasant download experience, we will first introduce the best desktop app to download Spotify playlist with a free account, namely AudKit SpotiLab Music Downloader.

It is a professional tool to download Spotify playlists to MP3 (320kbps), AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, FLAC, and more. This software can keep 100% sound quality and ID3 tags from the original Spotify songs with the latest built-in converting skills. After you download the entire Spotify playlist at 5X speed, you can listen to them offline without ad interruption.

Why Choose AudKit Spotify Playlist Downloader


Wide Range of Output Formats

It supports multiple output formats, including MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and M4B, providing flexibility for different preferences and device compatibility.


High-Speed Batch Conversion

The software can convert multiple songs simultaneously at a fast 5X speed, saving time and effort, especially for converting entire playlists or albums in one go.


Retain Original Audio Parameters

It strives to retain important metadata such as song titles, artists, and album information during the conversion process.


Customizable Output Settings

Users can set the sample rate, bitrate, and output format according to their preferences, allowing them to maintain the original music quality.


ID3 Tag Preservation

The software smartly identifies the original ID3 tags of added Spotify playlist and preserves track details including title, artists, track ID, and album artwork after conversion.


Compatibility and Support

It is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems and is regularly updated to fix any compatibility issues with the latest Spotify updates and operating systems.

How to Download Spotify Playlist via AudKit Spotify Playlist Downloader

Step 1. Download the right version of AudKit Spotify Music Converter for your operating system from the Download button above. Once installed, launch the software from your desktop.

Step 2. Drag and drop the music from Spotify app to the AudKit Spotify Music Converter conversion window. Alternatively, copy and paste the Spotify link to the search box in AudKit Spotify Music Converter, and then hit the ‘+‘ tab.

Step 3. Click the menu bar and choose Preferences to open a new window. Choose your favorite audio format as the output format from MP3, FLAC, M4A, AAC, M4B, or WAV. You can also customize sample rate to 48,000 Hz, and bit rate to 320 kbps.

Step 4. Click the Convert button to download playlists from Spotify to MP3 and save them locally.

download spotify playlist via audkit spotify playlist downloader

Part 3. Spotify Playlist Downloader Online Free

In fact, there are many websites providing a nice Spotify playlist downloader online for free in the market. You don’t need to download extra apps. It’s easy and convenient to use them to download Spotify playlists online. Here we select four Spotify music playlist downloaders online for your reference.

# 1. Spotify-Downloader

Spotify Downloader is an online website that allows all users to download songs, playlists, and albums from Spotify instantly even without registering a Spotify account. Apart from exporting Spotify to MP3, it also supports ZIP format to save Spotify tracks with all metadata preserved. You can find the cover image, year, release rate, etc. in the downloaded Spotify playlists.

spotifydownloader playlist downloader online free


Don’t need to install an extra app to download Spotify music.
Free of charge.


The output sound quality is not as good as it claims.
It’s not compatible with Spotify artist and podcast links.
Force to watch ads before downloading.

# 2. SpotifyDown

SpotifyDown is also an online Spotify playlist downloader that allows users to download songs, albums, and playlists from Spotify. It is a free tool that can convert Spotify music to MP3 local files. However, it has some drawbacks such as pop-up ads and malware on the webpage, low conversion success rate, limited output formats, and security concerns.

spotifydown spotify downloader


Free and easy to use
No need to install extra apps
Can be used on mobile web browsers
Support downloading Spotify songs, playlists, and albums to local files
Retain ID3 tags


Pop-up ads and malware on the webpage
Low conversion success rate
Limited output formats, only MP3
Cannot download Spotify podcasts

# 3. SpotiDown

Similar to SpotifyDown, SpotifyDown is a Spotify full playlist downloader online free to get Spotify playlist download online as MP3 files. It offers high-quality Spotify downloads in 320kbps and can keep ID3 tags including title, artist, artwork, etc. in the downloaded MP3 files.

spotidown spotify playlist downloader free online


Easy-to-use online Spotify to MP3 downloader
Can download any Spotify song online as an MP3 file in 320kbps high quality
No need for Spotify Premium


Security concerns
No customizable settings

# 4. SpotifyMate

If you’re a music lover who wants to download Spotify playlist online, SpotifyMate is a great tool to have. This software allows you to download Spotify playlists, albums, and tracks with just a few clicks. You don’t need any technical skills to use this SpotifyMate Spotify playlist downloader free online. All you need to do is enter the Spotify playlist or track URL, select the output format and quality, and hit the download button. The software will handle the rest.

spotify playlist downloader online free


It is easy to operate
It is 100% free


May not download all songs you want on Spotify
Can only support MP3 outputs
Sometimes not stable

Part 4. Online Spotify Playlist Downloader Chrome Extension

In addition to some Spotify playlist downloaders for online MP3, there are also some Spotify downloaders for Chrome extensions. You can find them in Google and simply add them to your Google extensions. But for various reasons, many Chrome extensions are no longer available, like DZR Music Downloader, Spotiload, and others. Luckily, we found an available Spotify online playlist downloader extension, namely Music Downloader.

It allows users to download Spotify playlists from the internet in various formats such as MP3, MP4, WAV, and OGG. There are several versions of this extension available, each with slightly different features. Some versions, such as Music Downloader – VKsaver, allow you to save audio files from specific websites, such as VKontakte. Other versions, such as the Music Downloader Chrome extension, are designed for easy and efficient downloading of music or audio files from a multitude of websites.

music downloader chrome extension


It is free to use
Easy to use and work on multiple operating systems
Download music from a variety of websites, including Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp


Some versions of the extension only support limited songs from certain websites
Some users have reported that certain versions of the extension do not work at all

Part 5. Spotify Playlist Downloader for Android/iOS

“I want to download Spotify playlists directly to my Android phone. Is there a Spotify playlist downloader Android free?” Absolutely yes! We will introduce the best two for Android and iOS phones. You can compare and choose the one that suits you best.

# 1. SpotiFlyer

SpotiFlyer is a free and open-source application for Android. You can download albums, tracks, playlists, etc. from multiple platforms including Spotify, Gaana, and YouTube Music. It not only has applications for Android devices but also has a Web-App and Desktop App. Using it, you can get your Spotify playlist downloaded with ease.

spotiflyer spotify playlist downloader android


Support songs from multiple platforms
Open-source and easy to get
100% free


A little bit difficult to operate as a new user

# 2. Spotify Telegram Bots

Spotify Telegram Bots are third-party software that allows users to download Spotify songs, playlists, and albums onto their devices. These bots are operated by software and not people, and they often have AI features. To use these bots, users can input a Spotify playlist link or try the search function to find the desired song. Once the playlist is downloaded, it can be saved to the user’s music library on Android or iOS devices.

telegram spotify playlist downloader iphone


Accessible on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers
Free of cost


Reduction in original sound quality
Potential malware exposure
Lack of customer support

Part 6. Which Is the Best Spotify Playlist Downloader

To make you clearly see the differences between the 8 Spotify playlist downloaders online free, we conclude them with a table:

Supported OSSupported PlatformsSupported Output FormatOutput Sound QualityDownload SpeedSupport to Customize Output QualityRecommends
AudKit Spotify Playlist DownloaderWindows/MacSpotifyMP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, FLACLossless5XYes⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Music DownloaderOnlineSpotify, Deezer and SoundCloudMP4, WAV, OGGLow1XNo⭐⭐⭐⭐

According to the comparison table, it’s easy to conclude that the best Spotify playlist downloader could be AudKit Spotify Music Downloader. The lossless audio files are expected to be found in playlist downloads. And it can not only quickly download whole playlists and albums, but also individual songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. As for those online free tools, you can clearly compare their pros and cons and just find the one that suits you best. Hope you have a wonderful Spotify listening experience!

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P.S. Forgot to mention that I have a desktop, using Win 10


Irv Berman ON

Elle: I need a clarification/help from you.

For the last 3 4 days I have been trying to find a Spotify downloader that would give me a complete, free , permanent download of ALL the songs (not just, say 1/2 the list and/or just the first 3 minutes of any song) on my Spotify playlist. To date, I have not found one. But, I haven’t tried all of the different versions.

Rather than spend any more time researching, and having come across your article, I thought I would try a shortcut and see if you know of one that fits my requirements.

Any help you can give me would be most appreciated.


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