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How to Remove Audible DRM [2024 Latest]

By Andrew Rowley

Updated on April 1, 2024

Audible is a leading provider of spoken audio content, such as audiobooks and radio shows. They offer a wide variety of books read by professional narrators. However, Audible books come with DRM protection to prevent unauthorized distribution and may limit the user’s ability to use and access their purchased content. This technology can be inconvenient for users who want to listen to their books on different devices or platforms or back them up for safekeeping.

Are you tired of being restricted by device limitations, format restrictions, and protections on your Audible books? In this article, we will explore different methods to remove Audible DRM, providing you with the freedom to listen to your audiobooks on any device you choose.

remove audible drm

Part 1. What Is Audible DRM

Audible DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a technology that prevents unauthorized distribution and piracy of Audible’s digital audio content, such as audiobooks. This technology encrypts the content, making it only accessible to authorized devices and platforms authorized by Audible. It allows users to listen to their Audible books on multiple devices or platforms or make copies of them for backup or other purposes.

Additionally, Audible limits the number of devices authorized to use a specific key, typically only allowing a few devices per account. If a user wants to listen to an audiobook on multiple devices, they must authorize each device separately and can only listen to it on the authorized devices.

Part 2. Remove Audible DRM Losslessly for Windows and Mac

Are you tired of being locked into specific devices or platforms for your audiobook listening? Discover how to remove DRM from Audible books and open up new possibilities. Various third-party software options are available online that claim to be able to eliminate the protection from audiobooks. AudKit Audible AAX Converter is the best one of them.

AudKit Audible AAX Converter is a third-party software that can remove the protection from Audible audiobooks. The software is user-friendly, easy to use, and can convert Audible audiobooks quickly at 100X speed. It also maintains the original quality of the Audible books while downloading them into MP3, AAC, WAV, and other multiple formats. With this software, users can play their audiobooks on any device or platform without restrictions imposed by protection.

This Audible DRM removal allows users to convert multiple audiobooks at once. AudKit also provides options to customize the output settings like bit rate, sample rate, and channels to optimize the output quality according to their preferences. It also preserves the ID3 tags of the original audiobook files, such as title, author, cover, etc., which ensures that users retain important information about the book during the Audible remove DRM conversion.

audkit audible converter

Key Features of AudKit Audible DRM Removal

  • Easy-to-use interface with a simple conversion process
  • Able to keep high output quality and ID3 tags of Audible files
  • Download Audible to multiple output formats to remove DRM
  • Start the Audible books downloading at 100X quick speed

Unlock the power of your Audible audiobooks and experience seamless listening everywhere you go with the AudKit Audible AAX Converter. Follow the easy steps below and enjoy no-DRM Audible audiobooks on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Step 1 Import Audible audiobooks

import audible books into audkit converter

Go to the official website of AudKit Audible AAX Converter and click on “Download“. Then launch the AudKit application on your PC once it has been installed. Tap the “Add Files” icon from the top-left, select the Audible audiobook you want to remove DRM, and click “Open“.

Step 2 Adjust output settings for Audible books

change audible output settings

Click on the “Format” option below and choose the output format and output settings (such as bit rate, sample rate, and channels) you prefer. Tap the “Edit” icon next to each audiobook, you can adjust the effect, edit ID3 tags, and split the Audible book into segments.

Step 3 Remove DRM from Audible Books Losslessly

remove drm from audible using audkit tool

Once all parameters are set, start the downloading conversion by clicking the “Convert” option. It will download audiobooks from Audible into the audio format you choose. Once the conversion is complete, you will find the protection-free audiobooks in the specified output folder and play them anywhere.


note-book Note:

If you want an all-in-one tool to remove DRM from all your audio, look no further than AudKit Apple Music Converter. It will remove DRM from protection from Apple Music, iTunes songs, and Audible audiobooks, as well as, common audios.

Part 3. Remove DRM from Audible via Burned CD

An alternative method to bypass Audible DRM is by burning the audiobooks to CDs using iTunes and then ripping the CDs back to the computer. This process effectively removes the DRM, allowing the files to be played on any device.

The process of burning and ripping CDs allows users to convert their Audible audiobooks to formats that are compatible with non-Audible compatible players and devices. Unlike some other DRM removal methods, this method does not require any additional software to be installed on the user’s computer. However, this method can be time-consuming and may result in a loss of audio quality.

Step 1. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer to ensure compatibility with Audible audiobooks.

Step 2. Launch the iTunes app and log in with your Apple ID. Then, click on “File” and select “Add File to Library” or “Add Folder to Library” to import your Audible audiobooks into iTunes.

import your audible audiobooks into itunes

Step 3. Once your audiobooks are imported into iTunes, create a new playlist specifically for the audiobooks you want to remove DRM from. To do this, click on the “File” menu, select “New” and then choose “Playlist“. Name the playlist accordingly.

name audible playlist

Step 4. Now, add the imported audiobooks to the playlist you created. Once all the audiobooks are added to the playlist, insert a blank CD into your computer’s CD drive.

Step 5. Click on the playlist, then select “File” and choose “Burn Playlist to Disc“. Follow the on-screen instructions to burn the audiobooks to the CD.

burn audible audiobook to disc

Step 6. After the audiobooks have been burned to the CD, insert the CD back into your computer. iTunes will detect the CD and display it in the sidebar.

Step 7. Click on the CD icon and select “Import CD“. iTunes will then rip the audiobooks from the CD and import them back into your iTunes library without DRM protection.

Step 8. Once the audiobooks have been ripped from the CD, they will be free of DRM protection. You can now listen to them on any device that supports audio CDs or digital audio files.

Part 4. Remove DRM from Audible Audiobooks Free

Are you frustrated with device restrictions on your Audible audiobooks? If you’re looking for free DRM removal, inAudible can help. InAudible, available on Mac and Windows, is a protection removal software that enables unrestricted listening on any device. Follow the simple steps below to strip Audible DRM and listen to your favorite Audible audiobooks with ease.

On Windows

Step 1: First, you must download and install the inAudible software on your Windows computer, and then open the software.

Step 2: Next, tap File to locate and import the Audible audiobook files you want to get rid of the protection from and define the output destination.

Step 3: Adjust the audio formats from Output Type. Additionally, inAudible for Windows offers advanced chapter customization options, click on the Adjust Chapters to access the “Advanced Cutter/Chapterizer” window for even more flexibility.

Step 4: After that, initiate the conversion process with this audiobook DRM removal by clicking the “Begin Conversion” button.

remove drm from audible books on inaudible windows

On Mac

Step 1: Download, install, and start up the inAudible app on your Mac computer.

Step 2: Select the Audible books by clicking the three-dot icon next to the Input line.

Step 3: Adjust the codec, sample rate, and other settings for Audible if you need.

Step 4: Click the “Begin Conversion” button to start downloading Audible books on Mac to remove DRM from Audible books.

Step 5: Wait for the conversion to complete. The output files will be saved to the destination folder you specified. You will be able to import the converted Audible files into your media player and enjoy them without DRM protection.

remove audible drm mac via inaudible

Part 5. Remove DRM Audible Online

What if you want to use an online tool to remove DRM from audiobooks? Then say goodbye to Audible’s restrictions with 123apps Online Audio Converter, which is a web-based application that allows users to convert audio files from one format to another, such as MP3, WAV, AAC, and more.

Follow the steps below to convert Audible DRM book files for use on different devices or platforms, such as smartphones, tablets, or media players that may not support certain audio formats, and enjoy your favorite audiobooks.

Step 1: Go to the 123apps website. From the Navbar, select Audio Converter under Converters.

123apps website

Step 2: Click the “Open files” button to select the audio file of your Audible.

Step 3: Select the output format to convert Audible AAX to MP3, WAV, FLAC, or other formats.

Step 4: When it’s ready, click the “Convert” button to start the conversion process.

Step 5: Once the conversion is complete, you can download the converted no-DRM Audible books by clicking on the “Download” button.

remove drm from audible files online

Part 6. Which Is the Best Audible DRM Removal

There are 4 Audible DRM removal tools to remove DRM from Audible audiobooks, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a comparison:

AudKit Audible Converter Burned CDinAudible Online Audio Converter
Supported OSWindows/MacWindows/MacWindows/MacOnline
Conversion Speed100X1X1X1X
Output FormatMP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, FLAC, AC3, WMA, WAV, M4R, MKA, OGG, AIFF, etc.AACMP3, WAV, AAC, and M4BMP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, AAC, etc.
Input FormatsAudible AA/AAX filesAudible AA/AAX filesAudible AA/AAX filesAAX audiobooks or any audio
Split Audible into Chapters✔️  âŒâœ”️  âŒ
Lossless Output Quality✔️  âŒâŒâŒ
Batch conversion✔️ âœ”️❌Windows Only
Easy to Use✔️❌❌✔️
Ratings⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  â­â­â­â­â­â­â­

It appears that AudKit Audible Converter is one of the best options for Audible DRM removal. It is a reliable and efficient tool for removing Audible DRM and converting audiobooks to MP3. Its fast conversion speed, ease of use, compatibility with various formats, and preservation of metadata make it the best choice for users looking to convert their Audible audiobooks.

To make an informed decision, it is recommended to consider the features, user reviews, and ratings of each software. Additionally, it may be helpful to try out the trial versions of different DRM removal software to see which one best suits your needs.

Part 7. FAQs about Remove Audible DRM

Q1. Why do people want to remove DRM from Audible?

A: People want to remove Audible DRM to play their audiobooks on any device or media player without restrictions. This can be useful for those who want to enjoy their audiobooks without relying on the Audible app or for those who have switched from one operating system to another.

Q2. Is it legal to use Audible DRM removal?

A: It is legal to use Audible DRM cracker tools for personal use, as long as you do not share the converted files with others or use them for commercial purposes.

Q3. Will removing Audible DRM affect the audio quality?

A: Some tools, like AudKit Audible AAX Converter, can remove DRM without quality loss. The tool allows users to convert their Audible audiobooks to various formats, such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC while preserving the original audio quality.

Q4. Can I still access my Audible audiobooks after breaking DRM?

A: Yes, once you have removed the DRM, you can still enjoy your Audible audiobooks without relying on the Audible app or switching between different devices and media players.

Part 8. Conclusion

By introducing what Audible DRM is and the ways to remove Audible DRM for Mac/Windows/online/free, it is helpful if you follow the steps properly. It allows you to enjoy your favorite books without being limited to one device. If you are looking for the optimum way to get rid of the protection from Audible books using third-party software, AudKit Audible AAX Converter is your choice. Give it a try!

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Brett Currier ON

I downloaded your app for the Mac…unfortunately, it would not open after installed, displaying an error message:

“AudKit AAX Convertre” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.”

AudKit Official ON

Hi Brett,
Thanks for your feedback. To solve this problem, please reinstall this software from the official AudKit website. And please take it easy since it doesn’t contain any virus. Try to put the AudKit Audible Converter into the white list of your Mac, letting your computer trust this app. If it doesn’t work still, please contact us through support@audkit.com. Have a nice day!

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